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Der seit seinem achten Lebensjahr verwaiste Phillip kehrt nach über 20 Jahren in sein Heimatdorf zurück, um das Erbe seines verhassten Großvaters zu verkaufen. Doch ab dem Zeitpunkt, an dem er das Ortschild passiert, mehren sich merkwürdige. Gonger – Das Böse vergisst nie ist ein von filmpool für ProSieben produzierter deutscher Mystery-Thriller des Regisseurs Christian Theede aus dem Jahr Also ich muss ehrlich sagen,ich hatte kein gutes Gefühl dabei mir meine Zeit diesem Film zu Opfern,da ich einige schlechte Erfahrungen mit deutschen Filmen​. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Gonger - Das Böse vergisst nie. Der seit seinem achten Lebensjahr verwaiste Phillip kehrt nach über 20 Jahren in sein. Gonger - Das Böse vergisst nie: Horrorfilm von Valentin Holch mit Dario Stankewitz/Hildegard Schroedter/Bela B.. Auf DVD und Blu-Ray.

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Die Enkelgeneration eines nordfriesischen Dorfes muss für die Sünden der Vorfahren büßen. „Gonger – das Böse vergisst nie“ kommt schnell. Gonger – Das Böse vergisst nie - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-​Termine und Bewertung | gatstuberg.se Gonger – Das Böse vergisst nie ist ein von filmpool für ProSieben produzierter deutscher Mystery-Thriller des Regisseurs Christian Theede aus dem Jahr Heute ist sie eine der bestverdienenden Schauspielerinnen der Welt. Beim Fernsehen fingert die Teenager-Zielgruppe offenbar zu schnell an der Fernbedienung. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Ein Hauch von "Das Omen". Nun, da seine alte Clique wieder vollzählig ist, beginnt ein Here, sein grausames Unwesen zu treiben. Yes, there is not the greatest acting in the world. Driven by that anger he held in life, he will stream contracted 2 deutsch at nothing to achieve his goal. Nach "Gilmore Girls" kamen Edit Really. lex luther opinion Cast overview: Sebastian Ströbel gonger film

Gonger Film Ströbel, Weißbach, Glowna in Teenager-Mystery-Trash – nichts für Schöngeister!

Runtime: 94 min. Die Wasserflecken kriegt man doch nie mehr raus. News Noch keine Inhalte verfügbar. Mysterious skin – unter die haut mit Gonger - Das Böse vergisst nie. Dieser Artikel hat Ihnen gefallen? Auch im Revival spielte sie mit. Kommissar Petersen read article Bela B.

Brigitte and Sam agree that Ginger was attacked by a werewolf and is in the process of turning into one. On Sam's advice, Brigitte persuades Ginger to have her navel pierced using a silver ring in the hopes of curing her, but it proves ineffective.

Sam then suggests a monkshood solution, which is impossible as the plant is only found in the spring. Later, Trina shows up at the Fitzgerald house to accuse Ginger of kidnapping her dog.

As she fights with Ginger, Trina is accidentally killed from slipping on milk and hits her head on the kitchen counter. The sisters narrowly avoid their parents, hiding the body in a freezer, and explaining the blood as part of another school photo project.

Brigitte accidentally breaks off two of Trina's fingers while trying to remove the corpse from the freezer, and the fingers are misplaced while burying Trina in the tool shed.

Brigitte tells her sister she can't go out anymore, but Ginger remains defiant. On Halloween , Brigitte takes monkshood purchased by her mother for a craft project and asks Sam to make the cure.

While trying to track down Ginger, Brigitte is attacked by Jason who was infected by Ginger due to unprotected sex and she defends herself by using the monkshood on him.

She witnesses his immediate change in behavior, which proves it is a cure. At school, Brigitte discovers that Ginger has murdered the guidance counselor and witnesses her killing the school janitor.

The girls' mother finds the fingers and Trina's corpse, and goes looking for her daughters. During the search, she drives past a running Brigitte and picks her up.

As she drives Brigitte to the Greenhouse Bash, she tells her that she will protect them and the three of them will run away together; she will burn the house down by letting it fill up with gas, then light a match to erase evidence of Trina's death.

Brigitte arrives to find Sam rejecting Ginger's advances. As he approaches Ginger, she breaks his arm. In despair, Brigitte infects herself with Ginger's blood as Sam pleads with her not to do so.

She does this to convince Ginger of her love and loyalty to her sister and her genuine willingness to help her, ending their long fight.

Ginger agrees to be helped, but, as the sisters leave, Sam knocks Ginger out with a shovel. Brigitte and Sam then take her back to the Fitzgerald house in his van, and prepare more of the cure for Ginger.

Ginger fully transforms into a werewolf on the way home and escapes the van. Aware that she has transformed, Sam and Brigitte hide in the pantry as he makes the cure.

When Sam goes to find Ginger, a transformed Ginger attacks him. Brigitte picks up the dropped syringe and follows the blood trail downstairs.

After finding Sam, injured and bloody, she tries to save him by drinking his blood in an attempt to calm Ginger, but is unable to keep and go through with it.

Ginger sees Brigitte's revulsion and kills Sam in front of her, biting him in the jugular. As Ginger stalks Brigitte through the basement, Brigitte returns to the room where they grew up.

Finding the knife that Ginger had been using to try to remove her tail, Brigitte holds the syringe with the cure in one hand and the knife in the other.

Ginger lunges at her, and into the knife, accidentally killing her. Looking at a picture of both sisters on the wall, Brigitte lays her head upon her dying sister's chest and sobs.

I also knew that I wanted to work with girls. However, Fawcett convinced Walton this film would re-interpret the genre.

The two encountered trouble financing the film. They approached producer Steve Hoban , with whom they had worked before, and he agreed to produce the film.

Hoban employed Ken Chubb to edit and polish the story, and after two years they were ready to seek financiers. Motion International committed to co-financing and Canadian distribution, and Trimark Pictures agreed to be the co-financier, U.

S distributor and international sales agent. During this interval Trimark dropped the film. Casting the two leads met with substantial difficulty.

While a casting director was easily found for Los Angeles, Canadian casting directors proved to be appalled by the horror, gore, and language.

When one finally agreed to pick up the film, the Columbine shooting and another school shooting in Alberta suddenly thrust the public spotlight on violent teens.

The Toronto Star ' s announcement that Telefilm was funding a "teen slasher movie" met with a flurry of debate and outrage in the media, which generated a significant amount of adverse publicity in proportion to the size of the project.

Perkins and Isabelle auditioned on the same day at their agency in Vancouver, reading to one another off-camera. When their taped auditions arrived, screenwriter Karen Walton said that they were exactly as she had pictured the characters.

Coincidentally, both actresses were born in the same hospital, attended the same pre-school, elementary and private schools, and are at the same agency.

Perkins was twenty-two at the time and Isabelle four years younger, but Perkins was cast as the younger sister. Attention then turned to the next most important characters: the drug dealer and the mother roles.

Mimi Rogers readily agreed to play the mother, Pamela , saying that she liked the black humour and comic relief in the role.

After seeing Kris's audition, Fawcett hired him. Principal photography took place between October 25 and December 6, , lasting a little over six weeks.

On the first day of shooting in the suburbs, all the still photographs for the title sequence were created.

The bloody, staged deaths drew a crowd and Fawcett worried about upsetting the neighbours. Each time they needed to change, someone had to distract the homeowner's four-year-old child.

Long shooting days pushed the earliest possible start later each day until the scenes written for day were being shot after late into the night.

The Director of Photography solved the problem by using diffusion gel and four eighteen kilowatt lamps which generated enough light to be seen a mile high in the sky.

The special effects proved to be a major hardship as Fawcett eschewed CGI effects, and preferred to use more traditional means of prosthetics and make-up.

Consequently, Isabelle had to spend up to seven hours in the makeup chair to create Ginger's metamorphosis and a further two hours to remove them.

The most aggravating thing was the full facial prosthetic which gave her a permanently runny nose that she had to stop with Q-tips.

Beginning in December , Brett Sullivan worked with Fawcett for eight weeks to create the final cut of the film. The next month, it played at the Toronto International Film Festival , where it briefly received media attention following the positive word-of-mouth it had built up from Munich.

Although called one of the stand-outs of the Toronto festival, attention died off and the film followed an unfocused release strategy, playing at various film festivals and building up more word-of-mouth.

These earnings, combined with moderate theatrical success abroad, led to the production of two further films.

The site's consensus reads: "The strong female cast and biting satire of teenage life makes Ginger Snaps far more memorable than your average werewolf movie — or teen flick.

Club wrote that the film was "seemingly left for dead" after playing at the Toronto International Film Festival but is now considered a cult film.

Critics who panned the film thought the puberty metaphor was too obvious, the characters too over-the-top especially the mother , and the dark humour and horror elements unbalanced.

Because the film links lycanthropy to menstruation and features two sisters, Ginger Snaps lends itself to a feminist critique.

Feminist scholar Bianca Nielsen wrote, "By simultaneously depicting female bonds as important and fraught with difficulties, Ginger Snaps portrays the double-binds teenage girls face.

The soundtrack was released on Roadrunner Records. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theatrical release poster. Karen Lee Hall Steve Hoban.

Karen Walton John Fawcett. British Board of Film Classification. April 17, Retrieved June 4, John Fawcett's Ginger Snaps.

University of Toronto Press. The Numbers. Retrieved February 10, Calgary Herald. April 19, Retrieved December 12, TVA International.

In Germany, it seems that you only need to look halfway handsome to get roles in movies. Especially bad are the people who are acting as corpses expect to laugh out load when you see Phillip's mother.

The kid is most likely also a bad actor or otherwise they wouldn't have limited him to one phrase and pushed all of his scenes into the last three minutes.

Last but least Bela B. I thought this movie would be at least a little more enjoyable. I really didn't expect too much - hey it's a TV horror movie for 12 year olds after all.

But all the scenes in the trailer, which were all crammed into the last two minutes of the movie, looked a little different because the boy had evil blue glowing eyes added to him.

Why did they do that? A case of false advertising, if you ask me. The ending also sucked, as it felt like the cliff hanger of a TV episode.

Does this mean they will make a sequel? How should that work? They can't use the Gonger name anymore for obvious reasons.

If you feel like wasting your time for nothing and losing brain cells in the process, then "Gonger" is the perfect solution.

ScreenJunkie 5 January An average TV mystery flick The plot: Phillip the grandnephew of the wicked Eric Hansen who became an orphan at the age of eight returns after 15 years to his homeland village, in order to sell the inherited mansion of his Grandpa.

But after Phillips's arrival strange occurrences begin to increase - and there are the first dead ones. Is a "Gonger" sort of poltergeist believed to exist on the German island Sylt behind it?

After the legend humans murdered in the Watt turn after two generations as "Gonger" back, in order to afflict the grandchildren of its murderers.

Can Phillip and his youth friends defeat the curse? My comment: The movie begins promising under-laid with moody music and gloomy light effects.

But as soon the actors begin to talk in that ugly German slang, commonly used in TV series the magic gets somewhat lost Well I hope the English dubbing will be done much better!

The pace and suspense is not too bad. Some scenes are sort of goofed by unrealistic acting of reaction, in my opinion. But all in all, this movie is quite recommendable, especially for the fans of the mystery genre.

It was directed by Christian Theede and he is also one of the writers who worked on this one. These 1. The cast does not include any big names really, but German film buffs may have come across Ströbel, Zillmann, Glowna, Schroedter or Cortez already.

And Die Ärzte singer Bela B. Well German horror This is just another example as this was honestly never a good watch. I guess it also wasn't a failure, but it comes relatively close.

The thriller moments were sometimes fine in my opinion. And the non-supernatural explanation near the end with the revelation of the bad guy was tolerable too.

But every time the film really focused on the Gonger, it was a bit of a mess as the concept and execution were never scary or realistic enough.

And that comes from somebody who likes hidden danger horror films usually more than the gory stuff, so go figure.

Another problem is that this is one of the movies that take itself seriously from start to finish without ever having the right to and that makes it pretty painful to watch as there are moments that just feel impossible to be taken seriously.

This small screen production gets a thumbs-down from me and I think everybody who decided after this mess to not return for the sequel including Theede made the right decision.

Don't watch. When I am Bored I go on the internet and look up new things to me. I found this movie and was throughly surprised.

Yes, this movie has a certain formula that's completely easy to follow. Yes, there is not the greatest acting in the world. But it was a good told story.

I read what people wrote on the reviews and to be honest I feel like It's getting a somewhat less than it deserves.

You escape into a movie to enjoy and escape into. Not to criticize it at every turn. This TV's movie! Had great cinematography and story.

I watched this movie in German without subtitles and I enjoyed it. And I loved the surprise ending. It drasticly turned. Yes the title of movie is gonger so it can be misleading to reveal at the end.

It leaves room to question Why. Which is what mystery does.

Nach "Gilmore Girls" kamen Alle anzeigen. So fing alles one punch man staffel 2 serienstream. FSK Fear not—Hulu just re-upped their streaming offerings with great new shows and movies.

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Sesame Street: Fruit Smoothies with Milk - Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck Runtime: 94 min. Not to criticize it at every turn. Bewerten Sie den Film:. Edit Did You Know? Which is what mystery does. Silent Hill. Https://gatstuberg.se/serien-online-stream-kostenlos/the-anthem.php TV's movie! Sendetermine im TV. KölmelRalf Wengenmayr. Horror movies source i've seen. Weniger continue reading. Driven by You escape into a movie to enjoy and escape . "Gonger – Das Böse vergisst nie", der Film im Kino - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinoprogramm sowie Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung bei TV gatstuberg.se Directed by Christian Theede. With Sebastian Ströbel, Teresa Weißbach, Dario Stankewitz, Daniel Zillmann. A young boy seeks revenge for murder 20 years. Gonger – Das Böse vergisst nie - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-​Termine und Bewertung | gatstuberg.se Die Enkelgeneration eines nordfriesischen Dorfes muss für die Sünden der Vorfahren büßen. „Gonger – das Böse vergisst nie“ kommt schnell. Gonger – Das Böse vergisst nie: Sendetermine · Streams · DVDs · Cast & Crew. As Ginger stalks Brigitte through the basement, Brigitte returns to the room where they grew up. Sign In. Ginger read article 16, edgy, tough, and, with her younger sister, into staging and passagier 23 fitzek sebastian scenes of death. Title: Vengeance d'outre-tombe TV Movie Rate This. Additional footage after Pamela finds Trina's body. A routine military exercise turns into a nightmare in the Scotland wilderness. In the end, the dude figures out that the only way to end his and his new girlfriend's misery is to redeem the Gonger from. Available on Amazon. They've made a pact read article dying .

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