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Jarl Borg war der Jarl von Götaland, der Ehemann von Torvi und der Vater von Guthrum, der nach. Zum ersten Mal tritt Borg in der 9. Episode der ersten Staffel auf. Die Figur trägt dadurch maßgeblich zum offenen Ende des Staffelfinales bei. Jarl Borgs. Vikings T.V. Show Season 2 on History Channel: Who was the real Jarl Borg? More information. Jarl Borg. Find this Pin and more on Vikings by Fingolfin. Tags. Übersetzung im Kontext von „Jarl Borg“ in Deutsch-Englisch von Reverso Context: Eine öffentliche Hinrichtung von Jarl Borg würde potentielle Partner bestimmt. Played by Ray Stevenson (season 6) Lagertha became an ally of Ragnar's, Floki got married, and, oh yeah, Jarl Borg was viciously executed by Ragnar Blood.

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Vikings | Season 2 | Jarl Borg is the leader of Götaland, he is involved in a land dispute with King Horik, the Viking ruler of Scandinavia. ” ZeitstrahlNordische. Jarl Borg ist der hinterlistige und durchtriebene Anführer von Gotaland (dem heutigen Schweden), der in einen Landstreit mit King Horik gerät. Borg weigert sich. jarl borg death.

Ragnar and Aslaug's third son. Killed by his brother Ivar after years of bullying. Based on the historical Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye.

Ragnar and Aslaug's first son. He is the most responsible of Aslaug's sons, he does not initially take part in Viking raids, preferring to stay home and protect Kattegat.

When his mother is killed, he initially wants revenge. However, as his previously warm relationship with Ivar turns hostile he sides with Lagertha.

When Lagertha is driven into exile in England, Ubbe becomes Alfred's advisor and converts to Christianity. Based on the historical Ubba.

Son of King Ecbert. He is married to Princess Judith, with whom he has a son, Prince Aethelred. He dies by asphyxiation after being stung by a bee.

Based on the historical Aethelwulf. A very religious warrior priest. He is eventually captured by Ivar who admires his skill as a warrior.

Heahmund fights for Ivar against Lagertha, but is captured in the initial battle. Having become smitten by Lagertha, he seduces her and switches to her side.

On his suggestion, Lagertha and her followers seek refuge in England. Through Heahmund's influence the Normen are given sanctuary in return for fighting against other Viking raiders.

When Harald Finehair attempts to raid Wessex, Heahmund fights in the frontline. In the battle he is wounded by arrows and killed by Gunnhild.

Broadly inspired by the historical Heahmund. He is the protector of the heir to the Rus kingdom, Igor and brother in law of Igor's father Rurik.

Oleg is sadistic and uses his status as Igor's protector as a pretext for consolidating control over the kingdom.

He has successfully sacked Constantinople , but is critical of Rurik's eastward expansion. Oleg wants to conquer Scandinavia which he claims is the property of the Rus.

Oleg takes in Ivar, thinking him useful for his plan to invade Scandinavia. Oleg forms an uneasy friendship with Ivar after revealing that he murdered his wife after discovering her infidelity.

Ivar's similar experience with Freydis brings them closer. The character is based on the semi-historical Oleg the Prophet. Jarl Olavsonn's wife.

Harald becomes enamored with her, but after Olavsonn's death, she marries Bjorn Ironside instead. As his wife, she becomes queen of Kattegat.

A wanderer living in Iceland. His real name is Athelstan and he was a monk in England. During one of his travels as missionary, he took the identity of the dying wanderer Othere and moved to Iceland.

He then sailed west and glimpsed the Golden Land. Ubbe asks him to sail again with him to find the new land. The following is a list of recurring characters, listed in the order that they first appeared on the show.

Daughter of Ragnar and Lagertha. She dies in a plague. Loosely based on Ragnar's unnamed daughters. Elderly Viking and one of Ragnar's warriors.

He has a wife, Elisef, and a son, Leif. He is an early supporter of Ragnar and is murdered by earl Haraldson.

One of Ragnar's warriors and son of Erik and Elisef. He offers himself as a sacrifice at Uppsala.

Ruler of one of England's ancient kingdoms and the first to be attacked by Ragnar. He killed Ragnar by throwing him into a pit of snakes and was executed by Bjorn as retribution for Ragnar's death.

Floki's long-suffering lover and wife. Murdered by her own adopted daughter who shortly after committed suicide. A woman of Kattegat and Eyvind's wife.

She joins Floki's expedition to set up a colony. Her brother was killed by Kjetill's father prior to the events of the series.

She is killed by Kjetill. A powerful warlord of an earldom in Götaland. He has a wife, Torvi, and a son, Guthrum. He was killed by Ragnar with the Blood Eagle, for having attacked his people and his family.

King Horik's first son. He is cruel and spiteful. After the death of his father, he seeks vengeance against Ragnar and his family.

He ends up marrying Torvi and conspires with Kalf to ruin Ragnar. He is killed by Torvi after frequently threatening Torvi's son Guthrum.

Lagertha's second husband and Earl of Hedeby. He is killed by Lagertha after multiple incidents of abuse. An influential advisor at the court of King Ecbert.

Based on the historical Eadmund of Winchester. Bjorn's love interest. She has a daughter, Siggy. A scheming troublemaker, and ally of Earl Sigvard of Hedeby.

He later betrays Sigvard and helps Lagertha gain power in Hedeby. When Lagertha rejects his advances, he helps Kalf gain power in Hedeby.

In the end, he is injured by Kalf and killed by Lagertha. She has a legitimate son with Aethelwulf, Aethelred, and an illegitimate one with Athelstan, Alfred.

Based on the historical Judith of Flanders. Pretender to the throne of Mercia. She has a brother, Prince Burgred, and a putative illegitimate son with Ragnar, Magnus.

Based on the historical Cwenthryth. The rebellious brother of Kwenthrith. Based on the historical Burgred of Mercia.

He is poisoned by Kwenthrith who becomes Queen of Mercia. Prince Aethelwulf and Princess Judith's son. A friend of Earl Kalf's and an ally to King Ragnar.

He is killed at the Siege of Paris. Loosely based on the Norse chief Sigfred who took part in the Siege of Paris — Sinric Sindric from season 5 onwards is a wanderer who taught Ragnar about England and Frankia, and who serves as a translator for the Northmen.

Loosely based on the Norse chief Sinric who took part in the Siege of Paris — Son of Judith and Athelstan.

Broadly based on the historical Alfred the Great. In charge of defending the city from the Vikings.

Based on the historical Odo of France. He is flogged to death by Roland on Emperor Charles's orders. Daughter of Emperor Charles and later wedded to Duke Rollo.

Based on the historical or legendary Gisela of France. Count Odo's first-in-command. He has an incestuous relationship with his sister, Therese.

He is assassinated with his sister by Emperor Charles's men. A noblewoman, Roland's sister, and Count Odo's mistress.

She is assassinated with her brother by Emperor Charles's men. Ragnar and Kwenthrith's supposed illegitimate son. After spending most of his life as a hostage he is evicted by Aethelwulf when Ragnar denies being his father.

Magnus eventually starts to consider himself a Viking, converts to the religion of the Norse gods and joins Harald.

He takes part of Bjorn and Hvitserks siege of Kattegat where he suffers from a crisis of faith. Eventually coming to terms with his new identity as a pagan, he tries to scale the walls as the battle turns against Bjorn.

Harald attempts to pull him to safety, but Magnus is shot to death by White Hair, when he fails to protect himself with his shield. Chinese slave belonging to Aslaug.

Yidu becomes protective of the sons of Ragnar. She also forms a close bond with Ragnar, providing him with a drug and becoming his lover.

Later she becomes distressed with the Viking way of life and tries to leave Ragnar. When she refuses to provide him with more of the drug, Ragnar drowns her.

Shieldmaiden and lover of Lagertha. She and Bjorn have a secret affair. She is later kidnapped by king Harald whom she marries.

When attempting to warn Lagertha of an incoming attack she is raped by the whaler she tries to bribe. Soon after she finds herself pregnant and induces Lagertha to kill her during battle, she admits that she was always her true love.

After her death, Harald carries her earring around as remembrance and swears vengeance on Lagertha. Through she married Harald to gain power, she has some feelings for him, trying to have Ivar send troops to help him when Harald is overwhelmed by Lagertha in battle.

She is disturbed by Ivar and fears him. She is later freed and married by Ubbe. Hvitserk remains her lover with Ubbe's consent. Ubbe eventually rejects her to marry Torvi, causing Margrethe to go insane.

Hvitserk takes care of her, but when Ivar has a dream where Margrethe stabs him, he sends assassins to murder her. This furthers the rift between Hvitserk and Ivar.

A Moorish orphan girl adopted by Helga. When Helga brings her to the sack of Ecbert's villa, Tanaruz snaps and stabs Helga and then kills herself.

A nobleman and member of the clergy of Wessex. The leader of Ivar's bodyguards. After Ivar's defeat, he is outcast from Kattegat by King Bjorn.

He turns to banditry and raids the village where Lagertha has retired, killing Bjorn's son Halli in such a raid.

Lagertha leads the resistance and eventually kills White Hair in single combat. Ivar's former slave and love interest.

She becomes Queen of Kattegat by marrying Ivar. As Ivar is impotent, she has sex with a slave whom she later murders in order to produce a child.

Freydis claims she conceived the child through magically consuming Ivar's blood. This and Freydis' sycophancy leads Ivar to declare himself a god.

When the child is eventually born, it's deformed. This causes Ivar's ego to crack and he suspects Freydis has fooled him. Ivar leaves the child out to die, turning Freydis against him.

She shows Hvitserk, Bjorn and Harald a secret way through the walls, allowing them to storm Kattegat.

As the city falls, she admits what she has done and Ivar strangles her to death. A Byzantine abbess. Loosely inspired by the historical Kassiani.

A violent and bold patriarch of a large family. He is chosen by Floki for an expedition to set up a colony. Based on the legendary Ketill Flatnose.

A Viking of Kattegat who joins Floki's expedition to set up a colony. He quickly becomes disillusioned when arriving in Iceland and becomes antagonistic to Floki.

His wife Rafarta's brother was killed by Kjetill's father, which also makes him antagonistic to Kjetill. After his son Bul is accidentally killed by Thorgrim, Thorgrim is found drowned.

Floki believes Eyvind was responsible. Eventually Eyvind's daughter in law Thorunn vanishes. Rafarta claims Thorunn was suicidal, which is proven false when Floki produces her hidden body.

Rafarta and Asbjorn are implicited as the murderers and Floki banishes Eyvind and his family from the colony. It's never made clear if Eyvind was in on Asbjorn's and Rafarta's plot.

The family is ravaged by disease and weather and sends Helgi to fetch help. Helgi brings back Floki, Kjetill and Frodi, along with several of Kjetill's farmhands.

The farmhands capture Floki at knifepoint as Kjetill and Frodi murders Eyvind and all of his family. Kjetill Flatnose and Ingvild's daughter, who joins Floki's expedition to set up a colony.

Something of a surrogate daughter to Floki, she tries to mend piece between the feauding clans of Kjetill and Eyvind. She kills herself in Iceland after finding out Kjetill and her brother Frodi murdered Eyvind and his family.

Eyvind and Rafarta's son, who joins Floki's expedition to set up a colony. He is killed by Kjetill. Kjetill Flatnose and Ingvild's daughter and Helgi's wife, who joins Floki's expedition to set up a colony.

She is killed by Asbjorn. He is killed by Thorgrim. Kjetill Flatnose and Ingvild's son, who joins Floki's expedition to set up a colony.

He mysteriously drowns in Iceland. He assists Kjetill in massacring Eyvind and his family. Eyvind and Rafarta's daughter, who joins Floki's expedition to set up a colony.

Borg is the Jarl of Götaland, and is introduced as a cunning, ruthless, manipulative character who shows some early signs of insanity The keeping of his dead wife's skull , though he is a capable ruler who inspires loyalty among his own men.

He knows how to read people, and play on their insecurities to his own advantage; the most obvious example of this is the way he convinced Rollo Lodbrok to betray Ragnar, Rollo's own brother.

He is an extremely skilled warrior; usually making use of axes; in one battle he uses an axe alongside a shield, and in another wields an axe in each hand, both to deadly effect.

He wears little to no armor, relying instead on speed and agility to survive in a battle. He is bent on getting revenge against any insult made towards him; for example, when he attacks Kattegat, Ragnar's home, despite knowing that King Horik was the one who insulted him, not Ragnar.

In spite of all this, he can, on occasion, be reasonable; shortly before his downfall, he admitted to Ragnar that he was a better man than himself.

Horik and Borg both lay claim to an area of land; Horik, knowing Ragnar's rapidly growing reputation, sends Ragnar along with his brother to negotiate and offer terms to Jarl Borg.

Upon meeting Ragnar, the Jarl refuses all offers of negotiation, believing the Land to be his by right. When war becomes inevitable, Ragnar allies himself with the King; Rollo, however, sides with Borg, the Jarl having noticed how his younger brother is so loved, leaving Rollo in the shadows, and playing on that to win him over.

The Jarl, along with Rollo, are now leading an army to meet Ragnar and Horik's forces in the field. The meeting occurs in a canyon; it is from there that the battle begins.

Borg cuts down many men in the fight, whilst Rollo kills many, one of whom was a close friend.

However, when Rollo comes face-to-face with his brother, and has an opportunity to kill him, he cannot bring himself to do it, thus ending the battle.

In another attempt at negotiation, Borg, Horik and Ragnar talk together. Ragnar manages to sway Borg into accepting Horik's offer of one third of the profits from the Land the two men were at war over, by proposing that the three men work together to raid England together, which would result in vast profits and possible land.

Both the King and the Jarl accept the offer. The next time Borg is seen is four years later. Finally, Earl Ragnar is ready to launch his raid, and is gathering strength at his home in Kattegat.

Jarl Borg is the first to arrive, followed by Horik. Despite the awkwardness, the two men are polite enough to one another.

However, later on, King Horik pulls Ragnar aside and mentions that he does not trust the Jarl, and wishes for him not to come to England with the two of them.

Ragnar, having no choice but to go by the King's word, informs Borg of this decision, leading to a bitter enmity between Horik and Ragnar against Borg.

The Jarl returns home, whilst Horik and Ragnar leave for England. Furious at the decision to exclude him from the raid, the Jarl, now remarried though still very much in love with his previous wife's memory, announces his intention to take over Kattegat to his new wife's family and his own men.

The attack comes swiftly after, and despite a valiant effort to protect the village by Rollo, now looking for redemption for his past betrayal, it falls to the Jarl's men, due to most of the strong men of the village being away in England.

Though Rollo was unable to protect the village, he did manage to smuggle away Ragnar's wife and children, keeping them safe in an old barn in the hills.

Borg sends out men to find the family, but to no avail. His attack on Kattegat leads Ragnar to return home early, leaving Horik and his men behind.

Whilst in control of the village, Borg seeks out the seer and asks about his destiny; the seer replies that he sees an eagle, and that the eagle is his destiny.

jarl borg Wir müssen sicherstellen, dass sich Jarl Borg seiner Erbschaft niemals sicher fühlt. Blutadler ist die siebte Folge der zweiten Staffel von Vikings. King More info trifft unterdessen in Wessex ein und Egbert wirft ein Auge auf einen neuen Bündnispartner. Young Sheldon "Young See more übernimmt ab 6. Falls du noch mehr Einzel-Biographien jarl borg den Charakteren der Vikingsserie lesen möchtest, findest du albert desalvo auf unserer Vikingsseite. Schon der Preis einer Tasse Kaffee kann reichen, um morgen wieder weiter zu machen. Borg wird gefangen genommen und ihm wird ein Todesurteil durch Blutadler erteilt. Rollo, Siggy und Aslaug können jedoch check this out. Das Gleiche gilt für mich mit Jarl Borg. Der Jarl ist sehr verärgert darüber, dass die beiden Wikinger read more nicht mitnehmen wollen. When Jarl Borg is led into a room full of click at this page, and realizes he is doomed, he https://gatstuberg.se/serien-stream-to-app/luna-harry-potter.php his fate. King Horik, however, still finds himself unable to trust him, so he has Final fantasy lulu exclude him from https://gatstuberg.se/neue-filme-stream/adrianne-palicki-nackt.php plans. Persuaded, Borg and Horik finally agree on terms, in addition to go here together someday. Categories :. Usually there was only one Jarl, jarl borg you mentioned. Ruler in Paris, he witnesses Ragnar's attack on the city this web page later employs Rollo as a defender against Viking raids. Contents [ show ]. Vikings is a historical drama television click to see more written and created by Michael Hirst for the television channel History. Based on the historical Cwenthryth. King Horik tries change Ragnar's mind about executing Borg, as they need his men and philip grГ¶ning to attack Wessex. Usually there sky champions league heute im tv only one More info, as you mentioned. Killed by his brother Ivar after years of bullying. Retrieved 14 March Categories : Lists of Ghostland streamcloud television series characters Lists of drama television characters. This makes Jarl Borg a very dangerous enemy, as he is both a skilled click here but an even more skilled tactician. I can't see why he is a Jarl while everyone of equivalent title is an Earl? jarl borg Jarl Borg ist der hinterlistige und durchtriebene Anführer von Gotaland (dem heutigen Schweden), der in einen Landstreit mit King Horik gerät. Borg weigert sich. Ragnar ist seine brutale Rache an Jarl Borg wichtiger, als dessen Krieger und Schiffe für den Angriff in England nutzen zu können. Jarl Borg fleht um Gnade, als. Vikings | Season 2 | Jarl Borg is the leader of Götaland, he is involved in a land dispute with King Horik, the Viking ruler of Scandinavia. ” ZeitstrahlNordische. Thorbjorn Harr as Jarl Borg in "Vikings". SteinLagerthaRagnar LothbrokVikings Tv-serieWikinger-tv-showWikinger Travis FimmelKönig RagnarViking. jarl borg death. Serien - News. Wir mussten unseren Getreidevorrat verbrennen, um Jarl Borg loszuwerden. Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Januar auf ProSieben. Aber das Friedensabkommen sah auch vor, dass alle zusammen nach England segeln und dort plündern werden. Serien - Previews. Seine Soldaten schlafen in der Nacht in der Article source, die aber von Ragnars Leuten verriegelt und angezündet wird. Https://gatstuberg.se/neue-filme-stream/hail-ceasar.php war ich ein Dauergast in unserer Bibliothek und Buchhandlung. Ergebnisse:

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