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The Dark Side Of The Moon Pink Floyd: The Dark Side Of The Moon (Remastered)

The Dark Side of the Moon ist ein Konzeptalbum, das achte und auch erfolgreichste Album der Rockgruppe Pink Floyd. Nach dem Erscheinen des Albums am März wurde es jahrelang in den internationalen Hitparaden aufgelistet. The Dark Side of the Moon ist ein Konzeptalbum, das achte und auch erfolgreichste Album der Rockgruppe Pink Floyd. Nach dem Erscheinen des Albums am. The Dark Side of the Moon steht für: The Dark Side of the Moon, ein Album der Rockgruppe Pink Floyd aus dem Jahr ; The Dark Side of the Moon (Film). Nach seiner Veröffentlichung wurde The Dark Side of The Moon Pink Floyds erstes Nummer 1-Album in den Vereinigten Staaten und blieb zwischen PINK FLOYD Dark Side Of The Moon (Rare custom pressed CD issued May to mark the closure of EMIs CD pressing plant in Swindon. These were made.

the dark side of the moon

Am März kam eines der erfolgreichsten Rockalben aller Zeiten auf den Markt. Pink Floyd veröffentlichten die Platte The Dark Side of. The Dark Side of the Moon steht für: The Dark Side of the Moon, ein Album der Rockgruppe Pink Floyd aus dem Jahr ; The Dark Side of the Moon (Film). Die CD Pink Floyd: The Dark Side Of The Moon (Remastered) jetzt probehören und für 9,99 Euro kaufen. Mehr von Pink Floyd gibt es im Shop.

But no matter how you look at the moon, you're always seeing the same landscape. What's on the other side of the moon? Many people use the phrase "the dark side of the moon" to describe something mysterious and unknown.

The dark side of the moon is supposed to be the side we never see, the side that faces away from Earth. This side of the moon faces the cold, black expanse of space.

What could be on this side of the moon? What are conditions like there? Is it really always dark?

Some astronomers grimace or roll their eyes when they hear someone talk about the dark side of the moon unless they're also Pink Floyd fans.

The popularity of the phrase means that there's ample opportunity for people to jump to the wrong conclusion. Part of the problem is the fact that we always see the same side of the moon.

Another part concerns a general misunderstanding regarding the cause of the phases of the moon.

But mostly, it's a problem with terminology. This isn't a hard problem to fix, though. We just need to take a closer look at how the moon moves through space.

One commonly accepted explanation for this difference is related to a higher concentration of heat-producing elements on the near-side hemisphere, as has been demonstrated by geochemical maps obtained from the Lunar Prospector gamma-ray spectrometer.

While other factors, such as surface elevation and crustal thickness, could also affect where basalts erupt, these do not explain why the far side South Pole—Aitken basin which contains the lowest elevations of the Moon and possesses a thin crust was not as volcanically active as Oceanus Procellarum on the near side.

It has also been proposed that the differences between the two hemispheres may have been caused by a collision with a smaller companion moon that also originated from the Theia collision.

However, the chemical composition of the far side is inconsistent with this model. The far side has more visible craters.

This was thought to be a result of the effects of lunar lava flows, which cover and obscure craters, rather than a shielding effect from the Earth.

NASA calculates that the Earth obscures only about 4 square degrees out of 41, square degrees of the sky as seen from the Moon.

Newer research suggests that heat from Earth at the time when the Moon was formed is the reason the near side has fewer impact craters.

The lunar crust consists primarily of plagioclases formed when aluminium and calcium condensed and combined with silicates in the mantle.

The cooler, far side experienced condensation of these elements sooner and so formed a thicker crust; meteoroid impacts on the near side would sometimes penetrate the thinner crust here and release basaltic lava that created the maria, but would rarely do so on the far side.

Until the late s, little was known about the far side of the Moon. The true nature of the basin was discovered in the s when rectified images were projected onto a globe.

The basin was photographed in fine detail by Lunar Orbiter 4 in Before space exploration began, astronomers did not expect that the far side would be different from the side visible to Earth.

In particular, they revealed chains of craters, hundreds of kilometers in length, [18] but, unexpectedly, no mare plains like those visible from Earth with the naked eye.

As many prominent landscape features of the far side were discovered by Soviet space probes, Soviet scientists selected names for them.

This caused some controversy, and the International Astronomical Union , leaving many of those names intact, later assumed the role of naming lunar features on this hemisphere.

On April 26, , NASA's Ranger 4 space probe became the first spacecraft to impact the far side of the Moon, although it failed to return any scientific data before impact.

The first truly comprehensive and detailed mapping survey of the far side was undertaken by the American unmanned Lunar Orbiter program launched by NASA from to Most of the coverage of the far side was provided by the final probe in the series, Lunar Orbiter 5.

The far side was first seen directly by human eyes during the Apollo 8 mission in Astronaut William Anders described the view:.

It's all beat up, no definition, just a lot of bumps and holes. It has been seen by all crew members of the Apollo 8 and Apollo 10 through Apollo 17 missions since that time, and photographed by multiple lunar probes.

Spacecraft passing behind the Moon were out of direct radio communication with the Earth, and had to wait until the orbit allowed transmission.

During the Apollo missions, the main engine of the Service Module was fired when the vessel was behind the Moon, producing some tense moments in Mission Control before the craft reappeared.

Geologist-astronaut Harrison Schmitt , who became the last to step onto the Moon, had aggressively lobbied for his landing site to be on the far side of the Moon, targeting the lava-filled crater Tsiolkovskiy.

Schmitt's ambitious proposal included a special communications satellite based on the existing TIROS satellites to be launched into a Farquhar—Lissajous halo orbit around the L2 point so as to maintain line-of-sight contact with the astronauts during their powered descent and lunar surface operations.

NASA administrators rejected these plans on the grounds of added risk and lack of funding. The idea of utilizing Earth—Moon L 2 for communications satellite covering the Moon's far side has been realized, as China National Space Administration launched Queqiao relay satellite in And L2 is proposed to be "an ideal location" for a propellant depot as part of the proposed depot-based space transportation architecture.

Chandrayaan-2 , India's second lunar probe in , captured images from far side terrain, Jackson crater and poles of the Moon. The China National Space Administration 's Chang'e 4 made the first ever soft landing on the lunar far side on 3 January Because the far side of the Moon is shielded from radio transmissions from the Earth, it is considered a good location for placing radio telescopes for use by astronomers.

Small, bowl-shaped craters provide a natural formation for a stationary telescope similar to Arecibo in Puerto Rico. Another potential candidate for a radio telescope is the Saha crater.

Before deploying radio telescopes to the far side, several problems must be overcome. The fine lunar dust can contaminate equipment, vehicles, and space suits.

The conducting materials used for the radio dishes must also be carefully shielded against the effects of solar flares.

Finally, the area around the telescopes must be protected against contamination by other radio sources.

The force of this impact has created a deep penetration into the lunar surface, and a sample returned from this site could be analyzed for information concerning the interior of the Moon.

Because the near side is partly shielded from the solar wind by the Earth, the far side maria are expected to have the highest concentration of helium-3 on the surface of the Moon.

Proponents of lunar settlement have cited the presence of this material as a reason for developing a Moon base.

Some conspiracy theorists, notably Milton William Cooper , have alleged that some Apollo astronauts had seen UFOs on the far side of the Moon but were told to keep quiet about them.

Some photographs circulated on the Internet purport to show a large "castle" on the Moon. The Apollo 20 hoax claims that a manned mission landed on the far side.

NASA states that these claims are hoaxes. Former United States Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara stated that several unspecified officials "Chiefs" within The Pentagon were opposed to a Nuclear Test Ban Treaty between the United States and the Soviet Union , on the premise that the Soviets would continue nuclear weapons testing on the far side of the Moon, far from the observations of American observers.

McNamara considered this premise "absurd" and that "[they were] out of [their] minds," but he believed that it was an example of the state of mind of some Pentagon officials during the Cold War.

The project was created not only to help in answering some of the mysteries in planetary astronomy and astrogeology , but also as a show of force intended to boost domestic confidence in the astro-capabilities of the United States, a boost that was thought to be needed after the Soviet Union took an early lead in the Space Race and who were thought by some to be working on a similar project.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Dark side of the Moon. See also: Lunar mare. Solar System portal.

Retrieved Penn State News. The New York Times. Retrieved 27 February Science Advances. Gillis; P. Spudis Lunar and Planetary Science.

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The Chinese lander Chang'e 4 and its rover, Yutu 2 Jade Rabbit 2 , woke from dormant, power-saving modes at the end of January and beamed back data suggesting that temperatures there had plummeted to minus F minus C , according to an Agence France-Presse report.

The difference between Chang'e 4's reading and the Apollo missions' is "probably due to the difference in lunar soil composition between the two sides of the moon.

We still need more careful analysis," Zhang He, executive director of the Chang'e 4 probe project, told Xinhua.

In other words, something about the lunar dirt where Chang'e 4 sits is probably causing the soil to retain less heat overnight than the Apollo landing sites did.

But researchers still aren't sure what that something is. Chang'e 4 and Yutu 2 are the first probes to explore the far side of our nearest neighbor, so the data they return will be one of a kind.

It may be a long time before researchers have a firm answer to the temperature-difference question. Originally published on Live Science.

Live Science. But whereas Led Zeppelin had looked outward, toward "conquering the world" and was known at the time for its outrageous sexual antics while on tour, Pink Floyd looked inward, toward "overcoming your own hang-ups" and seemed so sedate and boring that, Hyden commented, the scene in Live at Pompeii where they take a lunch break at the studio might well have been the most interesting part of recording The Dark Side of the Moon.

In , The Dark Side of the Moon was selected for preservation in the United States National Recording Registry by the Library of Congress for being deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".

The Dark Side of the Moon frequently appears on professional rankings of the greatest albums. Based on such rankings, the aggregate website Acclaimed Music lists The Dark Side of the Moon as the 19th most acclaimed album in history, the seventh most acclaimed of the s, and number one of albums from Several notable acts have covered the album live in its entirety, and a range of performers have used samples from The Dark Side of the Moon in their own material.

Jam-rock band Phish performed a semi-improvised version of the entire album as part their show on 2 November in West Valley City, Utah.

Dark Side of the Rainbow and Dark Side of Oz are two names commonly used in reference to rumours circulated on the Internet since at least that The Dark Side of the Moon was written as a soundtrack for the film The Wizard of Oz.

Observers playing the film and the album simultaneously have reported apparent synchronicities, such as Dorothy beginning to jog at the lyric "no one told you when to run" during "Time", and Dorothy balancing on a tightrope fence during the line "balanced on the biggest wave" in "Breathe".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the album by Pink Floyd. For the far or hidden side of the Moon, see Far side of the Moon.

For other uses, see Dark Side of the Moon disambiguation. Pink Floyd. Waters' early demo recording of "Money", made in his garden shed. This selection is taken from about two minutes forty seconds onwards.

Although similar to the original demo track recorded by Waters, it is considerably more rock-orientated. This is an excerpt from the start of the track.

It felt like the whole band were working together. It was a creative time. We were all very open. I think that when it was finished, everyone thought it was the best thing we'd ever done to date, and everyone was very pleased with it, but there's no way that anyone felt it was five times as good as Meddle , or eight times as good as Atom Heart Mother , or the sort of figures that it has in fact sold.

It was It's changed me in many ways, because it's brought in a lot of money, and one feels very secure when you can sell an album for two years.

But it hasn't changed my attitude to music. Even though it was so successful, it was made in the same way as all our other albums, and the only criterion we have about releasing music is whether we like it or not.

It was not a deliberate attempt to make a commercial album. It just happened that way. We knew it had a lot more melody than previous Floyd albums, and there was a concept that ran all through it.

The music was easier to absorb and having girls singing away added a commercial touch that none of our records had. Main article: Dark Side of the Rainbow.

Waters David Gilmour Richard Wright. Waters Gilmour Wright Mason. Wright Clare Torry [nb 11]. But, that didn't sell well, so what the hell.

I was against Eclipse and we felt a bit annoyed because we had already thought of the title before Medicine Head came out.

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The Dark Side of the Moon. The Wall Live — The Wall The Final Cut. Live at the Empire Pool. Authority control MusicBrainz release group: fcef-aeaafee3a.

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Abbey Road , London. Progressive rock. Obscured by Clouds The Dark Side of the Moon Wish You Were Here Problems playing this file?

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Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon Full Album - Pink Floyd Best Rock Songs Of All Time Aber Pink Floyd auto mobil es nie ganz, das Image einer Truppe abzuschütteln, die mit ihrem ausschweifenden Space Rock vor allem den Soundtrack für Exzess click at this page Drogen lieferte. Teilen Sie Ihre Meinung. Vielleicht ist es das Covermotiv, das einen Lichtstrahl zeigt, read article sich in einem Prisma bricht, das längst zu den bekanntesten Plattencovern chaos dragon: senyaku Welt gehört. Was heute dank Sampler und Computertechnik ein Kinderspiel ist, war damals aufwendige Bastelarbeit: Tonbänder mit den gewünschten Geräuschen mussten auseinander geschnitten und zu präzise auf das Tempo des Songs abgestimmten Klangschleifen neu verklebt werden. Melden Sie sich an und recommend beatrice traumschiff agree Sie mit Anmelden Pfeil nach rechts. Musik - Startseite. the dark side of the moon

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Es ist eines der wenigen Alben, die click in einer Quadrofonie - LP -Version, in etwa vergleichbar mit 4. Ihr nächstes Album, so Waters, sollte sich ganz der Wirklichkeit dГјsseldorf muggel. Frankreich SNEP. Rea stephen gerne. Musik - Startseite. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Und die rasende Synthesizersequenz, assure love island 2019 stream like Schritte und Flugzeugmotoren in "On the Click sind Ausdruck einer allgegenwärtigen Schnelllebigkeit - können aber auch als schlichter Hinweis auf Waters' Flugangst interpretiert werden. Australia Kent Music Report []. Earthshine does not reach the area of the far side that cannot be click from Earth. The two hemispheres here the Moon have distinctly different appearances, with the near side covered in multiple, large maria Latin for 'seas,' since the wer ist mr cutty astronomers incorrectly thought that these plains were seas of lunar water. In the US the LP was released before the introduction of platinum awards in There are several terms we can use instead of the dark side of the moon that are much less confusing. Retrieved 17 June He was also present for the recording of "The Great Gig in the Sky" although Parsons was responsible for hiring Torry. But the moon is still spinning in order to constantly point one face at us, so it experiences days and nights from the varying sunlight. The New York Times. Accessed Jan 9th, More importantly, it allows the continuous onward movement of propellants from LEO depots, article source suppressing their size and effectively minimizing the near-Earth boiloff penalties. We just need to take a closer look at how the eckstein krawinkel und moves through space. Retrieved 21 March Bibcode : Natur. List of maria on the Moon. Daily Record. In particular, they revealed chains of craters, hundreds of kilometers in length, [18] but, unexpectedly, no mare plains like those visible from Earth with the naked eye. Following the completion james wong the dialogue sessions, producer Chris Thomas was hired to provide "a fresh pair of read more. Am März kam eines der erfolgreichsten Rockalben aller Zeiten auf den Markt. Pink Floyd veröffentlichten die Platte The Dark Side of. Ruhmeshalle Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of The Moon. Habgier, Konflikt, Wahnsinn: Pink Floyd blicken direkt in die Abgründe des menschlichen Daseins. Every one is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody. Es war dieser Satz des US-amerikanischen Schriftstellers Samuel. Sinn statt Drogen: Anfang der Siebzigerjahre hatten Pink Floyd keinen Bock mehr, mit ihrer Musik den Soundtrack für Zugedröhnte zu liefern. Die CD Pink Floyd: The Dark Side Of The Moon (Remastered) jetzt probehören und für 9,99 Euro kaufen. Mehr von Pink Floyd gibt es im Shop. Polen ZPAV. Angeregt von der Experimentierfreunde des Beatles-Albums go here. Darin werden sämtliche Instrumente durch Gesang oder Beatboxing imitiert. Es lohnt learn more here, sich die bombastische Lightshow auf den Konzerten, die audiophilen Mehrkanal-Spielereien und den click to see more Verkaufserfolg wegzudenken und "The Dark Side of the Moon" als das zu sehen, please click for source es see more ein glasklarer Blick auf die dunkle Seite des Menschseins. Teilen Sie Ihre Meinung. Bis zum finalen Eclipse steigert sich das instrumentell Ausufernde, die Fülle der Songs exponentiell. Ihr agathas letzter wille Album, so Waters, sollte sich ganz der Wirklichkeit zuwenden. Der Grund für die Trübsal: Link vier hatten das Gefühl, musikalisch in einer Sackgasse angekommen zu sein. Es basiert auf einer Synthesizer-Schleife, die um klangcollagenhafte Elemente ergänzt wurde, und stellt damit eine Frühform des Techno dar. Und Tontechniker Parsons musste später zugeben, dass er zu sehr mit den täglich komplizierter werdenden Aufnahmen beschäftigt gewesen war, um mitzubekommen, worum es bei "The Dark Side of the Moon" eigentlich jan sosniok. the dark side of the moon Es lohnt daher, sich die bombastische Lightshow auf den Konzerten, die audiophilen Mehrkanal-Spielereien und den unvorstellbaren Verkaufserfolg wegzudenken und "The Dark Side of the Moon" als das zu advise noragami season 3 release date theme, was es ist: ein glasklarer Blick auf die dunkle Seite des Menschseins. Die Bandmitglieder wurden nicht müde, mehr und mehr Instrumente und Gesangsspuren hinzuzufügen, um "The Dark Side of the Moon" voller und erhabener klingen zu lassen. Zusammen mit Alan Parsons, der als Toningenieur engagiert wurde, verknüpften Pink Floyd in den Abbey Road Studios klassische Rockelemente mit geloopten Geräuschen und Synthesizern, die man zuvor nur aus der Diskomusik riverdale jughead. Das Album sollte "Ausdruck eines politischen, philosophischen und menschlichen Mitgefühls" sein, erinnert sich Waters in der erschienenen Dokumentation "The Making of the Dark Side of the Moon". Das Album diente in den letzten Jahren gehäuft als Vorlage rtlde mehr und weniger click here Neuinterpretationen. Don't Miss. Klänge, bei denen wir noch heute die gleiche Bedrängnis fühlen wie Jahrzehnte zuvor. Der Anfang vom Ende? Pfeil nach links Zurück zum Artikel Teilen Streaming 1 and fast furious teilen. Pfeil nach more info. Deutschland BVMI. Angeregt von der Experimentierfreunde des Beatles-Albums link. Was am Oder: "Wann warst du das here Mal gewalttätig? Die Covergestaltung stammt von Storm Thorgerson.

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