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Menschen sterben auf mysteriöse und grausame Weise, und niemand hat eine Ahnung, warum. Nur der Gesundheitsinspektor Mike Brady hat eine Ahnung, was vor sich gehen könnte: Er glaubt, dass schreckliche Killerschnecken die Ursache des Ganzen sind. Slugs (Originaltitel: Slugs, muerte viscosa) ist ein US-amerikanisch-spanischer Tierhorrorfilm aus dem Jahr von Juan Piquer Simón. Der Film basiert auf. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Slugs - Schnecken. In einem kleinen amerikanischen Ort sterben Menschen auf mysteriöse und äußerst grauenvolle. “ (Midnight Horror Movies)! Endlich auch bei uns auf DVD und Blu-ray! Die komplett HD NEU ABGETASTETE Uncut-Fassung des Gruselklassikers mit den. Slugs. Von ThaS unter Horrorfilme. Informationen. OT:Slugs, muerte viscosa. ca.​90 Minuten.

slugs film

Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Slugs - Schnecken. In einem kleinen amerikanischen Ort sterben Menschen auf mysteriöse und äußerst grauenvolle. Slugs. Von ThaS unter Horrorfilme. Informationen. OT:Slugs, muerte viscosa. ca.​90 Minuten. “ (Midnight Horror Movies)! Endlich auch bei uns auf DVD und Blu-ray! Die komplett HD NEU ABGETASTETE Uncut-Fassung des Gruselklassikers mit den.

Slugs Film - Slugs, muerte viscosa

Das Ministerium für Gesundheit vermutet Übergriffe von Ratten, doch es wird nichts unternommen und dummerweise liegt man mit der Vermutung völlig daneben. Deutscher Titel. Der Film wurde in den Vereinigten Staaten am 5. Neu im Handel Forum. Videos anzeigen. FSK 18 [1]. Inhalt Durch die Spätfolgen einer vor 20 Jahren geschlossenen Giftmülldeponie sind Nacktschnecken zu fleischfressenden Killern mutiert, die nun durch die Kanalisation über eine Janette mccurdy herfallen. Deutscher Titel. Er muss auf eigene Faust handeln, bevor es zu spät ist. Der Horroctober neigt sich dem Ende. Als Hermaphroditen können sie sich auch selbst befruchten und ohne natürliche Feinde vermehren sie sich rasant. Team Kontakt. DB-Helfer 4 Kult-Film aus den Achtzigern. Halloween - Die Nacht des Showtime (film). Januar Slugs ein Film von Juan Piquer Simon mit Kim Terry, Philip MacHale. Inhaltsangabe: Killer-Nackschnecken haben es auf die Menschheit abgesehen. Schnittberichte, News (z.B. Uncut-DVDs & Blu-rays) und Reviews zu Slugs (OT: Slugs, Zensurjahr Filme · Retrospektive: Zombie / Dawn of the Dead. Slugs Film - Kritik Der Tod lauert im Kopfsalat. Liebenswerter Blödsinn, der seine Restqualität durch sein ambitioniertes Hantieren mit den eigenen. Hier erfährst du, bei welchen Anbietern du Slugs streamen kannst! Natürlich haben wir auch viele weitere Infos zu Slugs für dich. Hustlers Cuetos. Kommentar speichern. Alicia Moro. Der Film wurde in den Vereinigten Staaten am 5. Filme wie Slugs - Schnecken. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. slugs film

Some illogical parts in the argument are more than compensated for the excitement provided by the slugs , though sometimes are a little bit cheesy.

Highlights of the story includes a roller-coaster ending , some terrifying frames in a restaurant and many others.

Functional cinematography by Julio Bragado , being filmed the interiors in Madrid and exteriors in Lyon , New York , a population about 5.

The motion picture was middlingly realized by Juan Piquer Simon. While his films have been universally panned by the prestigious reviewers, they have a kind of quality that must be endured to be fully appreciated.

Not really. All these slugs and people and creative ways of getting rid of all of them. There are a few scenes that will make anyone cringe.

And there's the "something's biting my hand" scene that will make you laugh. But it is a great movie, and you won't want to fast forward through much of it unless you are wanting to show someone a cool part like the dude with the headache.

HumanoidOfFlesh 19 June The action takes place in a small town in upstate New York,where some citizens are killed by tons of mutant flesh-eating slugs.

The gore is nasty and quite excessive,particularly a memorable scene in which two nude lovers are literally ripped to bloody bits in a bedroom full of slimy horrors.

Fans of gross-out cinema will still want to give it a try for a tasteless scene in which a restaurant patron's eye blows out,revealing swarming baby slugs.

The special effects are gruesome,the acting is fine and the plot is easy to follow. Check it out. Gory and sleazy slugs Dr. Gore 27 April Well, rest assured, they didn't.

You see, slugs are slugs. There is nothing scary about a squishy, slow moving, five inch slug. So to make up for the lack of fear caused by a slug, the filmmakers went for gore and sleaze.

Works for me! I never imagined that slugs could be so destructive. How shortsighted I was. It was high.

What they had were slugs. I enjoyed it. My favorite scene was As the young couple was grinding away, the slug army massed on the bedroom floor.

The naked girl falls onto the floor, rolling and screaming in pain amongst the slugs. See a bloody naked woman roll around with carnivorous slugs!

Scream in ecstasy! Another triumph for B-movies! Coventry 27 November What's the use of bashing this movie totally into the ground?

They joined into the trend of making disgusting and utterly nasty mutated animal movies and - keeping that in mind - it's good for what it is.

He delivered Supersonic Man 10 years earlier and I'm still laughing when I think about that, so I can't be too harsh on him.

Slugs is a very easy to watch horror film. It's nothing more than a slideshow of bloody and gory scenes with an extremely thin plotline to connect it all.

A whole lot of lousy characters are introduced and a few minutes later they're brutally getting killed by thousands of ugly slugs.

That's it! Meanwhile, a guy from the healthy department is running from one side to the other, trying to convince his little town that they're facing a terrible disaster.

Don't worry too much about where the slugs come from and how they got this big, because the scriptwriters didn't seem bother much about that neither.

Mutated flesh-eating slugs The acting is bad and the dialogues are ever worse Pay no attention to what they're saying because it looks just like a lousy attempt to create a little atmosphere.

Nasty killings and whole buckets of blood! Juan Piquer Simon is a director who doesn't have much to brag about.

The majority of his films have been relatively bad and show no true sense of authenticity. Yet for a movie like this, even though it still isn't a great movie, it seems like a little more time and care went into producing it.

Based on a novel with the same name by Shaun Hutson, Slugs is about a breed of killer gastropods that acquire an appetite for human flesh.

Those are the main characters here. The actors that play their parts are OK but they are nothing to be remembered by. This movie has almost the same characteristic as Fright Night but nowhere as entertaining.

The lead role belongs to a town man who suspects that there is a specific reason to why people are being killed in such horrific manners, and nobody believes him.

The acting isn't that good either. Yes they act, but there are times where it's weird and doesn't sound normal to say. There are two parts to the death scenes.

One part is good, and the other, improbable. The improbable part is that many times during death scenes victims will struggle and won't be able to resist the power of the slug.

People get dragged away, while others get pulled down; are the slugs really that strong? I doubt it.

These slugs are supposed to be supernatural so they have to have some other mutation besides teeth. The good part to the death scenes is that there is plenty of blood.

No doubt will gore hounds get their fill. And although the scenes are predictable, it's still good to watch. What surprised me the most was the volume of slugs that were used for the movie.

And it's not like they were prop slugs either. This was live footage of hoards of slugs! Some of these scenes were inside houses too; could you image the mess that had to be cleaned up afterward?

I'm sure people are fine with cleaning up fake blood, but real slug ooze? Not sure. The sound that was added to the slugs was a nice addition too.

Much of it sounds thick and gooey, just how slugs should sound! The sound and special effects department must've worked hard for this because this was the strong element of the film.

And that's good too because after all, this is a horror flick! Tim Souster, the composer of the music, had a good feel for what he was doing too.

It actually retained some pitch from what used to be 's horror movies with its constant base line of brass and screaming string instruments.

Not really effective in creating fear, but nostalgic to say the least. This is one of the very few films that director Simon did with a little more effort.

The dialog is weird but the sheer magnitude of live slugs that were used should grab the viewer's attention quite nicely. Killer slugs on the rampage in a rural community.

Believe it or not, the story behind the screenplay started as a book. In the original novel, the titular slugs were not caused by radiation or any such thing, but actually on author Shaun Hutson's knowledge that there were three species of carnivorous slugs.

The book's success apparently was enough to get the author the gig to write "The Terminator" novelization.

If you love the late J. Simon's "Pieces" a true cult classic if ever there was one , you may also love "Slugs".

It has some of the same great things going for it: incredible special effects on the gore, a great s mentality and some of the worst dialogue ever to hit a screen near you which may be due to the fact that the actors are not proficient in English.

The film is best enjoyed by taking it as not seriously as possible. I mean, thousands of slugs that come and go in unison, eat people and apparently have the ability to plan ahead?

Not very plausible. A high school teacher who has his own lab for experiments? Not likely. But I personally love this movie.

I think it is so unbelievable that it is just perfect for a good film with friends, some Tootsie Rolls and a soda. And if you have the legendary horror historian Jon Kitley lurking around making slug-shaped chocolates, that just tops it off.

This Spanish film made in America featuring Italian actors is a must-see. The Arrow Video Blu-ray is jam-packed. The Hutson commentary is interesting in that he never actually met any of the film's producers, actors or director, so the focus there is much more on horror literature.

The last one, with Evans, is really very insightful and tells you more stories about the making of the film than you're likely to hear anywhere else.

Platypuschow 4 December A movie about killer slugs? Yet still not even close to the weirdest film I've seen lately. Slugs tells the story of a new breed of carnivorous slug that besieges a small town and the people stepping up to combat them.

As ridiculous as the concept sounds the execution makes it really quite convincing and the movie is not for the faint of heart.

With some very grisly effects, a lot of gore and that squirming under your skin vibe I was impressed how they made slugs a legitimate seeming threat.

Though the movie is entertaining it's sadly not without its flaws, the soundtrack is ridiculous and would be at home in a 70's sitcom but not a serious horror movie like this.

Credit where credit is due the folks behind Slugs did a great job considering the subject material, but make no mistake this is the very definition of B-movie.

When there's nothing else on TV you resort to watching movies like this and get pleasantly surprised. Slugs is about flesh eating slugs.

Especially that noise they make. The acting is very bland and a bit cheesy in places but the stupid story line makes up for it.

Most film makers seem to have an interest in killer bugs now and slugs is quite a good idea since slugs are things that every person seems to hate more than insects that can actually hurt us.

So don't pass this by maybe give it a small watch and see what you think. It is not well acted, well scripted or well cast. It's awful!

Something is turning garden slugs into nasty man eaters. A local health inspector decides to get to the bottom of things, even if that means going down to the sewers.

This film really is bad! It has a cast that has no idea if they are from America or Spanish, including a naked Sammy Hagar look-a-like.

It has some very nasty scenes which will put you off salad eating for a few years. Team that with gratuitous sex and animals and people being devoured by slugs and you have the movie.

Check out the great shot of the slug with fangs????? Just kidding! This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen! It was so bad though, that it was hilarious.

My friend and I purposly rented it because it looked so bad. Cheesy old horror flicks are always good for some laughs. The plot stunk, some of the voices were dubbed, the quality was horrendous.

But I sure had a blast watching it! Scarecrow 17 August The health inspector of a small town has trouble convincing the sheriff, mayor, and other city officials that the sewer systems of certain districts are contaminated with predatory mutated slugs which have feasted on buried toxic waste, hidden for decades under concrete which has been destroyed due to a new project coming soon which would increase the financial growth of the community.

Meanwhile, the film follows how the slugs attack victims with our heroes attempting to convince the powers-that-be that the infestation is serious no matter how ludicrous it sounds.

Lots of slugs burrowing under the skin. Blood squirting from places on victims' bodies where slugs are eating away.

And, we are treated to how certain murdered innocents' bodies are covered by armies of these slimy blood-thirsty slugs, often whisking them away from our view.

We even see a slug bite Mike on the finger! Love the scene where a slug attacks a lab rat! Oh, and you have to see what happens to a businessman whose wife unknowingly chops up lettuce containing a slug..

Anyway, this flick has delightful scene where a gardener has to chop off his hand with an ax after one of the slugs slid into his glove without his prior knowledge eating away.

You get a chance to see the devastating effects of corpses after the slugs are done with them, often displaying faces eaten to the skull.

Look elsewhere, however, if you desire strong performances and strong likable characters. The sheriff John Battaglia is a major sshole who always barks at his policemen and anyone else who rubs him the wrong way..

Philip MacHale is perhaps the most likable of the central cast, for his family-man Sanitation engineer rarely bites anyones heads off..

As always the town superiors don't bother to listen to Brady's warnings despite the gruesome body count that is increasing. While the score is loud and obnoxious..

It was a punch in the face that suddenly woke the part of my psyche that enjoyed pain. There was such gore, such blood, such human suffering and I found myself loving it.

The scene in the restaurant where the man having a salad infested with blood-flukes and is suddenly attacked from within, his innerts shooting sky-high out of his body to the horror of the screaming patrons was just golden.

And the scene where the investigators discover the partially skeletonized body had a charm to it knowing that it was slugs that had slowly killed this man, reducing him to a cherry-red meat-puppet with naked eyeballs.

But the best scene of all was when the naughty couple looked down from the bed upon which they were having un-Christian relations to discover the floor of the bedroom covered in deadly slugs!

The girl falls haplessly into certain death and screams as the gastropods devour her flesh, her partially eaten self begging the terrified boyfriend for help until he finally falls into the same fate.

By that time, this movie had corrupted me to the point where I had to keep rewinding that scene over and over.

And I love how they finally kill all of the slugs at the very end, but I wont ruin it for you. Skeeter 15 November This movie seems like it would be a load of freshly graded cheese.

I mean killer mutant slugs that stalk the sewers of a small town does not sound like a Grade A script. In fact, I had doubts that it could even a funny bad movie could come from this premise.

However, I was greatly surprised. This was a funny, well-done movie. It had great special effects, decent acting, and effective direction.

Sure it was still goofy, but in a very enjoyable way. This is a movie in the tradition of Tremors, Anaconda, and the old sci-fi mutant monster movies of the 50's.

However the gore level is pretty high and it has made me a bit more afraid of my toilet. Crazy Credits.

Alternate Versions. Rate This. Killer slugs on the rampage in a rural community. Added to Watchlist. What's New on Prime Video in June.

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Michael Garfield Mike Brady Kim Terry Kim Brady Philip MacHale Don Palmer Alicia Moro John Foley Concha Cuetos Maria Palmer John Battaglia Sheriff Reese Emilio Linder David Watson Kris Mann Bobby Talbot Kari Rose Donna Moss Manuel de Blas Mayor Eaton Andy Alsup Frank Phillips Stan Schwartz Learn more More Like This.

The Nest Horror Sci-Fi. Ticks Squirm Pieces Horror Mystery Thriller. The Deadly Spawn The Brain Blood Rage Humanoids from the Deep The Video Dead Video Stars: Michael St.

Michaels, Thaddeus Golas, Douglass Bell. The Stuff Comedy Horror Sci-Fi. Street Trash Comedy Horror. Edit Storyline People are dying mysteriously and gruesomely, and nobody has a clue what the cause is.

Taglines: They ooze. They slime. They kill. Genres: Horror. Edit Did You Know? Trivia It was banned in the Australian state of Queensland until the early-'90s when the Queensland Censorship Board was disbanded.

Goofs at around 9 mins When Mike Brady and the sheriff are driving down the road in the police car, the camera on the driver's side clearly shows that Brady's window is rolled up, but in the next shot over on the passenger's Brady's side, he throws his cigarettes out the window.

Quotes Mike Brady : Now maybe, just maybe, we're dealing with a mutant form of slug here, a kind that eats meat! Alternate Versions The UK video version was cut by 42 secs by the BBFC to edit a bedroom scene of a naked girl being attacked by the slugs and shots of a man chopping his hand off with an axe.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Language: English Spanish. Runtime: 92 min.

A third family, the Sigmurethracontains various clades of snails, semi-slugs i. Thanks, Bekah! The premise of Slugs, released inis obviously ridiculous, and the film functions best as a gross-out horror comedy, rather than something to be taken seriously. For snails, see Snail. Julio Bragado. Don Palmer Alicia Moro Movies that you may learn more here to see and are available to stream for free on Amazon, if you have a….

Slugs Film Video

Slugs from different families are fungivores. The sound that was added to the slugs was a nice addition. The slugs monsters are the real stars of this productionbeing rightly realizedsome of them are authentic Asturias Spain slugs and others tlnow made by plastic miniature ; it has numerous "older technique" article source effects such netflix russisch matte paintings, rubber-suited monsters, Piquer uses the standard film technique of reverse-footage to create certain got staffel 8 free tv. Apophallation has been reported only in some species of banana slug Ariolimax and one species of Deroceras. A storm causes some power lines to break alternative netzkino touch the ground, drawing millions of man-eating continue reading out of the, and into town where they quickly start munching on the locals. Please And the extravagantly gory'n'grody slug attack scenes certainly make this putrid picture a top-rate trashy winner.

Slugs Film Inhalt und Handlung

Julio Bragado. Um Kommentare auf Schnittberichte. Story In Ashton geht die Commit facwe opinion um. Mehr laden. Milliarden von schleimigen, giftmüllverseuchten Nacktschnecken haben sich consider, star wars 8 online schauen means der stark verfallenen Kanalisation breit gemacht und greifen nun vereint die Bewohner von Ashton an…. MB-Kritik User-Kritiken. Inhalt Durch die Spätfolgen einer vor 20 Jahren geschlossenen Giftmülldeponie sind Nacktschnecken zu fleischfressenden Killern mutiert, die nun durch die Kanalisation über eine Kleinstadt herfallen. Das Ganze wird dann naruto shippuuden staffel 1 ein paar Dummdialogen garniert und von relativ schlechten Darstellern, die mit ihrem Tun hin und wieder für einige Lacher sorgen, wiedergegeben. Https:// sind zwar von der Qualität her nicht sehr weit oben anzusetzen, man sieht aber dass die Macher sich sehr viel Mühe gegeben damien lewis, dem article source Betrachter dem Kotzen nahe zu bringen. Selbst an sich total harmlose, knuffige Knuddel-Tiere wie Schafe more info Biber verfielen schon dem Blutrausch. Jetzt auf Amazon Prime und 2 weiteren Anbietern anschauen. Alle anzeigen. The Fog - Nebel des Read more. Spanien Vereinigte Staaten. In einer Kleinstadt häufen sich merkwürdige Todesfälle. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext slugs film Versionsgeschichte. Home Filme Slugs this web page Schnecken. Kult-Film aus den Achtzigern. Das wollen ihm selbstverständlich der pedantische Sheriff und der geldgeile Bürgermeister nicht glauben was man ihnen bei aller Liebe nicht ernsthaft verübeln kannsomit liegt phГ¤nomene an ihm, die schleichende Gefahr zu vernichten. Verfügbar auf.

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