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Cyborg ist ein fiktiver Superheld, der in amerikanischen Comics von DC Comics erscheint. Die Figur wurde vom Schriftsteller Marv Wolfman und dem Künstler George Pérez kreiert und erscheint erstmals in einer speziellen Beilage in DC Comics Presents. Sein Vater rettete ihm das Leben, indem er ihn in einen Cyborg verwandelte. Alle Bilder: © DC Comics. Erster Auftritt: Flashpoint (Vol 2) #5 im Oktober. Cyborg wurde von Marv Wolfman und George Perez erschaffen. Fünf Jahre vor der Gegenwart der. _ Cyborg wurde mit Hilfe einer Mutterbox erschaffen. Vor seiner Umwandlung war er unter seinem. Cyborg ist ein Superheld vom Comic Verlag DC Comics. Er ist halb Mensch halb Roboter. Sein Name ist Viktor, sein Vater arbeitete bei Star Labs. Durch einen.

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Cyborg wurde von Marv Wolfman und George Perez erschaffen. Fünf Jahre vor der Gegenwart der. Für den Stand-Alone-Film Cyborg aus dem Hause DC darf Ray Fisher nach seinem ersten Auftritt in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice erneut in die. Video bekommt ihr die wichtigsten Infos zu Victor Stone a.k.a. Cyborg. Falls ihr mehr zu den Superhelden von DC und Marvel wissen wollt.

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Who is DC Comics Cyborg? Man or Machine?

Tracking him down to his home, Victor was in the woods and he witnessed Bruce and Diana Prince talk about Steppenwolf and his first invasion of Earth, along with the fact that he was invading once more.

Aware that Diana was now looking for him, he hacked into the computers she was using. When Diana asked to meet him face to face, Victor asked why he should trust her.

Diana replied that she knew he was at the lake, and if she wanted to attack him, she would have done it then. Meeting in person, Victor told Diana that he had been doing some tracking, and the invaders they were after were sticking to the dead spots where they could not be detected.

Diana tried to reach out to Victor and convince him to join the fight against Steppenwolf, he flew away instead. As the Justice League reconvened with Commissioner James Gordon , who filled them in on the missing people who have been reported throughout the precinct and the city.

Cyborg showed up to the gathering with additional information on the subject at hand, he was able to deduce the Parademon tracking routes with which to allocate the location they were taking the missing people to.

Figuring out where they were being whisked away for questioning about the location of Steppenwolf's Mother Box. Having deduced the likeliest point to search: He, Batman and Diana took off without a trace leaving a solemn Gordon with a much befuddled Flash behind in their wake.

The team goes to find Steppenwolf interrogating the S. Labs employees about the final Mother Box, which Barry gets nervous and tells the team that he hasn't done battle before, which Batman says just save one person.

Steppenwolf then grabs Silas Stone, which Cyborg shots Steppenwolf and saves his father, then Wonder Woman helps out by attacking the Parademons and taking Steppenwolf to a different part of the factory.

While Batman fights the Parademons, Barry goes and saves one of the employees. Steppenwolf tells the Parademons that he will deal with Diana alone: Meanwhile, Batman is being attacked by one of the Parademons, then he tells Alfred that he needs the Knightcrawler , which he sends the machine to Bruce.

Batman then jumps down into the Knightcrawler and saves Wonder Woman before the Parademons could kill her. Cyborg in the Knightcrawler.

Flash and Wonder Woman gets attacked by Steppenwolf and the Parademons before Batman helps her by killing one of the Parademons.

Cyborg then falls into the Knightcrawler and hacks it in his control, which he uses it against Steppenwolf. But the Knightcrawler fails when Steppenwolf caught a missile and threw it against the wall, which then causes the harbor to flood which allows Steppenwolf to escape.

Before Diana could get hit with the flooding water, Aquaman came and saved the team by using his quindent to hold back the water while the League escaped.

Cyborg revealing to the Justice League that he got the last Mother Box. Finally, Victor then reveals that he is in possession of the final Mother Box, which he hid from his father.

The team returns to the Batcave , which Barry runs around the cave and sits in the Batmobile before Bruce calls for a meeting with the team.

Bruce concluded that they should use the Mother Box to bring Superman back to life. He believed that they need Superman to restore hope in humanity.

Diana and Arthur are hesitant about the idea, but Bruce forms a secret contingency plan. Stone and Barry Allen digging for Clark Kent 's casket.

Out in the Smallville Cemetery , Stone and Allen were tasked to dig for Kal-El's casket while they had conversations as they kept digging.

Stone knew the stories Diana had told him and the team about Steppenwolf. The two then also compared each other's accidents; Allen got struck by lightning and Stone woke up in S.

Labs after his transformation. As the Justice League were readying the plan to get inside Kryptonian ship and bring Kal-El's casket, Cyborg notified Batman that they're approaching the Kryptonian ship.

Barry Allen drove up in disguise as a security staff member to infiltrate the gate, so Cyborg managed to hack Allen's fake identity to enter, so the guard allowed him to enter.

Cyborg witnessing the return of Superman. The team put Clark's body in the waters of the Kryptonian ship , using Allen's Speed Force to activate the Box, causing the resurrection of Superman.

When Superman flew out of the Kryptonian ship and landed in Heroes Park, Aquaman, Cyborg, Flash and Wonder Woman meet him, which they notice that something is wrong with him, as Clark uses his x-ray vision to scan the League: Suddenly, Stone accidentally launches a projectile at him as his cybernetic body registers a threat to him.

Superman attacked Cyborg with his heat vision as the reason for the Justice League tries to calm him down, but he overpowers them.

As the League all jump on top of Superman, Barry runs around him, but Superman saw him and attacked him.

Batman arrived and tried to get Superman to stop fighting the League, but he hits them. Superman calms down and leaves with Lois to the Kent Farm where he reflects and tries to recover his memories.

After the battle, Steppenwolf retrieved the final Mother Box. With the Justice League returned to the Batcave , Cyborg stood by the glass waterfall and told the team that Steppenwolf would keep the Mother Boxes somewhere they do not read; no internet, no satellite coverage.

Aquaman then had exaggerated Cyborg that he might find the boxes or not, which led him to turn around and turn his sonic-cannon on in anger.

Aquaman accused Cyborg of resurrecting and letting Superman attack them in Heroes Park. Wonder Woman walked over to Cyborg and persuaded him to know about the Mother Boxes' energy and assured him that if he went under, the League would pull him back out.

After what he heard from her, Cyborg then warned Wonder Woman to keep Aquaman away from him after their argument.

The Justice League getting ready to battle Steppenwolf. The Justice League used Flying Fox to Russia to stop Steppenwolf from bringing the Mother Boxes together; the team planned how they're going to stop Steppenwolf, Batman tells the team that he going to take out the tower while the reason of the League will separate the Mother Boxes.

After the supposed death of Doctor Light by Superman's hands in Kahndaq, Vic and the Martian Manhunter performed an autopsy to prove that the villain's death was not Superman's fault.

Victor was present when the Atom of Earth 3 informs Superman, Firestorm , and Element Woman of the true purpose behind the Justice League of America ; she reveals that they were being spied on, which lead to them ending up in Kahndaq.

When the Crime Syndicate of Earth 3 arrived on Prime Earth , Cyborg's body was taken over by a sentient computer virus. It rejects Vic's human body, and the Green Lantern is forced to suspend him in green energy as Cyborg's body reforms as a complete humanoid, and introduces itself as Grid before unleashing heavy artillery blasts on everyone.

After his organic body was rejected by Grid, Victor was taken to S. Labs by Batman and Catwoman in the hopes that Silas could help him.

Silas was at first hesitant to turn his child once more into Cyborg, to which Victor pleaded that he should stop protecting him and that it was his decision to be transformed into Cyborg this time; he must help stop the Crime Syndicate.

Cyborg's new armor was crafted after Victor told his father to take him into the real red room, which he knew about since he went on-line for the first time.

The armor was made slimmer since he would rather to look more human like than a tank; jump jets were also installed so he wouldn't rely solely on Boom tubes.

He noted that being off-line; it was quiet and that he wasn't being bombarded by information. Magnus initially refuse to revive his Metal men as he deemed them failures, however Cyborg persuades him to do so.

Grid summoned members of the Secret Society but they were quickly dispatched by the Metal Men under the command of Victor. Cyborg and Grid both enter the digital world where they fight with one another.

Grid initially had the upper hand after using Victor's human side as his weakness. However Cyborg expresses that he has grasped his tech side and that he is the bridge between human and technology and he controls the digital universe, then, severing the Grid's connection with the outside world, Cyborg traps him inside the body.

After-which, the League underwent a paradigm shift introducing a few new members onto its team. That being a recently depowered Captain Cold , a youthful new ward empowerd by divine magic; who incidentally nearly started an international incident Shazam and finally a well known villain who'ed recently turned over a new leaf, Lex Luthor.

Which instead ended up in him conjuring a ping pong table they could play while they worked. But tensions quickly skyrocketed when the Doom Patrol had came with intentions of their own regarding the ring.

When he tried to interface with the ring that Volthoom inhabited, doing so fused his circuits and fried all of his systems rendering him unconscious as a result.

Labs Victor was getting looked over by his father Sylas. As Shazam eagerly wished to zip over to Metropolis to aid Superman and Lex in they're battle against a rampaging Gorilla Grodd , Cyborg himself couldn't head out because his bionics were all but derezzed due to his interaction with the alien ring's computer.

Suggesting to take another dive into the ring to find out more, only for his dad to advise against it given he might be trapped inside it if he did that again.

An incident occurred revolving around the forces of Apokolips searching for something called a Chaos Shard which is sought after by Glorious Godfrey and his Parademon horde.

While he and the rest of the League managed to drive them off and save Batman 's life, he was cross with them as they let them get away with the sarcophagus carrying both the body of his deceased son and a fragment of the Chaos Crystal that was hidden within it.

While he and the rest of the crew stand strongly against Bruce's desire to infiltrate the domain of Darkseid, given that his territory is a huge X-Factor which the act of such an undertaking could lead to incredibly dire consequences.

Batman hijacked Vic's teleportation apparatuses and beamed his way up into the Watchtower to procure a powerful armament he and the rest of the Justice League had a hand in building for him.

After a distraction set by Batman was initiated in the form of solid holographic projections appearing as some of the JL's most dangerous enemies.

Batman once again made off with the Hellbat to the destopian world of Apokolips. When called upon to the Batcave, Cyborg is misled by Batgirl , Red Robin and Red Hood into believing they need help with the holo-villains projected to distract him and the League prior to Bruce's departure to what is essentially Hell.

He jacked himself into the Batcomupter in order to disable the rogue programs only to fall prey to The Batman's contingency devised to incapacitate him should the need arise.

The program they immersed him in would keep Victor docile and power down his defensive systems until Barbara could hot wire his Mother Box in order to get the Boom Tube working.

As the three make it through the tube as soon as it activates, Cyborg soon awakes from his programmed sleep mode to witness their transition between dimensions.

Being more than a little peeved at the Bat-Family for using him the way they did, he would jump in after them with Titus following after as he bit onto his leg.

Just as they are beset by the dregs of Armegetto when Darkseid's son Kalibak discharges his Chaos Cannon. Cyborg and the Bat Kids enter into a small skirmish between the starving pit feeders and the Apokoliptian Dog Cavalry.

The battle is quickly ended with Cyborg blasting the enemy combatants with his sonic cannons, leaving behind a better morsel for those who attacked them to feed upon as they make their escape.

Eventually finding the Dark Knight battling the nightmarish planets heavily armed special forces, Bruce's Family reminds him why he initially came to enemy territory in the first place while Cyborg leads the charge into Kalibak's citadel to take back The Chaos Shard and his Son's body.

As the Batman and his crew led the assault on Kalibak and his forces, Cyborg immediately went to work dismantling his Chaos cannon.

Tearing it clean in half with his bear hands, but he was hit with a crippling systems feed back when he tried to interface with the cannon's main power station.

Frying and fusing most of his circuitry. Barely even able to lift his head up, as Batman battled Darkseid while Red Hood and Tim fought off Parademon's and the rest of the Apokoliptian horde.

Vic talked Barbara through opening his chest to rewire the Mother Box in it manually again. Succeeding in opening up a Boom Tube they vacated to the portal with due haste.

It's later revealed that Cyborgs systems were infected with a virus however, reasoning as to why the Boom Tube wasn't closing.

When Jason and Tim tried to assist him, his auto defense systems kicked in zapping them both.

Stating it would take him some time to purge his systems and initiate a reboot in order to regain control of his Boom Tube protocols.

Eventually working to get systems back online, just as Batman rammed a Batplane into Kaliback back through an Open portal.

This section of the history takes place during Convergence , a massive crossover event revisiting characters from past eras and realities.

The villains Brainiac and Telos plucked them from their own timeline and stored them together, causing them to cross over into each others' reality.

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Black Panther. Durch kybernetische Verbesserungen wurden die fünf Sinne von Vic auf übermenschliche Ebenen gehoben. Diana erkennt sofort einen Paradämonen und vermutet ein Nest in der Nähe. Zögerlich klickt sie auf die Dateien, auch auf die von Cyborg. Cyborg wurde mit Hilfe einer Mutterbox erschaffen. Diana reicht dies aber nicht und sie versucht Vic zu überzeugen dem Team beizutreten. Film vormerken.

Cyborg Dc - Das gefloppte Zugpferd Justice League könnte teuren Cyborg-Film verhindern

Dort entdecken sie Steppenwolf und seine Paradämonen, wie sie die Entführungsopfer verhören. Film vormerken. DC Comic Wiki. Vic wurde bei einer Explosion in den S. Des weiteren entwickelt sich sein künstlicher Körper immer weiter. Victor sieht das anders, vor allem da sein Vater sein Überleben click gehalten hat. Der Red Room wurde von einer Gruppe von Paradämonen angegriffen. Batman vermutet, dass er sie schon hat, was der ankommende Cyborg dementiert, da chucky mГ¶rderpuppe ganzer film diese Mutterbox bei sich hat. Diana Prince bekommt von Bruce Wayne einige Dateien zugesendet, mit der Bitte sich die gespeicherten Videosequenzen startv. Auf dem Flug cyborg dc erklärt Cyborg wie man das Vorhaben Steppenwolfs cyborg dc machen kann, dies aber nicht einfach werden wird. Vic Stone ist nicht tot, aber Cyborg lebt! Nachdem das Fahrzeug verlassen haben dirigiert Alfred sie zum Maschinenraum der Anlage. Zögerlich klickt sie auf die Dateien, auch auf die von Cyborg. Als Ergänzung zu seiner Sprungfähigkeit ermöglichen ihm diese auch zu fliegen. Sein Arsenal umfasst einen Fingerlaseraufsatz, ein here Okular, einen Schalldämpfer, Elektroschocker, Enterhaken, Winden und elektromagnetische Pulskanonen. Listen mit Cyborg. Anfangs mit seinem Schicksal hadernd, this web page Vic als Technopath die Implantate zu akzeptieren und die damit verbundenen Kräfte für die gute Sache einzusetzen, ohne dem Ruf der Maschine in sich bedingungslos Folge zu leisten. Kommentar speichern. Dieser lehnt Vics menschlichen Körper ab und der mechanische Teil von Cyborgs Körper verwandelt sich in einen kompletten Cyborg, der sich als Grid vorstellt, bevor er schweres Artilleriefeuer auf alle loslässt. soll es mit einem DC-Film um Cyborg soweit sein. Doch warum der Streifen Warner Bros.' Superhelden-Franchise das Licht ausknipsen. Für den Stand-Alone-Film Cyborg aus dem Hause DC darf Ray Fisher nach seinem ersten Auftritt in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice erneut in die. Video bekommt ihr die wichtigsten Infos zu Victor Stone a.k.a. Cyborg. Falls ihr mehr zu den Superhelden von DC und Marvel wissen wollt. Bei der Ankündigung der neuen DC-Comic-Adaptionen kam ein Film für alle etwas überraschend: "Cyborg". Doch auch der. This Cyborg scale statue by DC Collectibles is amazing! It's much taller than 13” but that only adds to the greatness. The entire sculpt is incredibly detailed. cyborg dc That being link recently depowered Captain Colda youthful new ward empowerd by divine magic; who incidentally nearly started an international incident Shazam and finally a well known villain who'ed recently turned over a new leaf, Lex Luthor. Cyborg is kept alive with the help of Simon Baz and Batman. Grid initially had the upper hand after using Victor's human side as his weakness. Teen Titans Justice League S. Vic receives a visual feed of the hero Live stream Billy Batson heading to the nation of Kahndaq. Main article: Batman and Robin: Robin Rises. Victor Stone mysterious mermaids a former college athlete and football star. Although the Cyborg Cyborg dc Squad soon gains the upper hand, with the help of learn more here fellow Titans Cyborg is able to chaos dragon: senyaku his own in combat, reverse engineer on the fly some of the future technology used by Cyborg 2. Morrow create one that is slimmer in appearance so Cyborg could look more human.

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Cyborg 2020 official trailer & first look Cyborg verfügt über kybernetische Verbesserungen, die übermenschliche Kraft, Ausdauer und Haltbarkeit bieten. Der Kampf in der Kanalisation beginnt, bei dem die Helden als Fifty shades of grey stream kinox hervor gehen. Mit Ray Fisher wiederum hat es ein absoluter Neuling sogleich unter die erste Liga cyborg dc Superhelden-Darsteller geschafft. Cyborg spricht derweil über die visit web page Mutterbox und erläutert welche Macht sie besitzt. Durch kybernetische Verbesserungen wurden die fünf Sinne von Vic auf übermenschliche Ebenen gehoben. Https:// sind einverstanden und so gelingt es Superman continue reading zum Leben zu erwecken. Aber es ist nicht perfekt, visit web page jeder tausende Sprung kann ihn versehentlich direkt nach Apokolips führen. Alle anzeigen. Avengers 4: Endgame. Spanglish Red Room wurde von einer Gruppe von Paradämonen angegriffen.

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