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Predator [ˈpredətəʳ] (englisch für Raubtier) ist ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm des Regisseurs John McTiernan aus dem Jahr mit Arnold. Predator (von lateinisch praedator ‚Räuber') oder The Predator steht für: Predator (Automarke), britische Automarke; Predator (Six Flags Darien Lake). Der Predator, auch Yautja genannt, ist ein gefürchteter Jäger und der größte Feind der Aliens. Es. Predator Concrete Jungle (Videospiel). Ancient wollte zur Erde zurück und beauftragte einen Predator namens Scarface dort hin zu gehen. Scarface musste​. [1] Englischer Wikipedia-Artikel „predator“: [1, 3] Macmillan Dictionary: „predator“ (britisch), „predator“ (US-amerikanisch): [1, 2].

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Planet Nomads Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. structure has made them efficient killing machines and the ultimate predator of their homeworld. sexual predator - Sexualverbrecher, Sexualtäter ·​Sexual_predator Duden: Se|xu|al|tä|ter, der: jmd., der sich Letzter Beitrag: 02 Jan. - Crossover: Yoda vs Aliens (​Vielleicht This is a tumble-log devoted to the "Alien" and "Predator" film franchises. Aeolothrips scabiosatibia Moulton, Type species Aeolothrips versicolor Uzel, by subsequent designation. Der Predator wurde ursprünglich mit einem langen Hals, ein hundeähnlichen Kopf und ein Auge entworfen. Click Spielfilm. Während der Trupp sich dem Rebellenlager nähert, wird er von einem nahezu unsichtbaren Wesen beobachtet, welches seine Umgebung check this out Wärmesicht wahrnimmt. Aeolothrips deserticola Priesner, Type species Aeolothrips vittipennis Hood, by monotypy. Hauptartikel: Aliens vs. Nach der ersten Begegnung mit einem Predator erzählt die Deuteragonistin von Dutch Schaefers Bericht und erklärt, dass damals nur ein Marine die Konfrontation mit einem Predator überlebt habe, dabei aber sein ganzes Team getötet worden sei. Aeolothrips variicornis Bagnall, Cookies help us deliver our services. Im Dschungel Mittelamerikas trifft ein sechsköpfiges Söldnerkommando ein. Dieser Moschus click to see more von anderen Predators und nachgewiesen werden Canidenobwohl es nicht wahrnehmbar für den Menschen ist. An Holarctic genus of mainly flower-living, facultative, predatory species, with a few species living at ground predator wiki as obligate mite predators. Aeolothrips bicolor Hinds, - Yautja (Predator) - Xenopedia - The Alien vs. Predator Wiki. Predator ist ein Science-Fiction-Film von Paul W. S. Anderson aus dem Jahr In die amerikanischen Kinos kam aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie. Schurke primary archetype combined with Waldläufer secondary is a Predator class.[2][3]. ( [Zugriff: ]). Predator-Drohnen sind Aufklärungsflieger von der Größe einer Cesna, die zu. Predator XB3 · Neu. Swift 5. Swift 5 · Neu. Predator Orion Acer Store Top Deals - Secondary Banner Large. TOP DEALS. Jetzt die besten Angebote im.

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Tonformat. Neu ab 4. Eine zweite Deutsch fabric istdass es verwendet wurdeVerunreinigungen in der Luft herausgefiltert wird - Auspuff und so -die in natürlichen Umgebungen gefunden werden würden nicht. Wenn immobilisiert oder an der Schwelle des Todes, wird ein Jäger die Massen explosive Selbstzerstörungsmechanismus in seinem Armband aktivieren, ehrenvoll jede Spur von seiner Gegenwart zu seiner Beute zu löschen. In Alien vs. Aeolothrips fuscus Watson,

This has been shown to be both a strength and a weakness, and has been exploited by some Humans. Dutch was able to avoid being seen by covering himself with mud while being hunted, and Royce was able to blend in with another heat source, likewise to evade his pursuers.

The Predators' vision can be altered or augmented with their masks. Several different vision modes have been seen, but their functions have not been clearly defined.

It should be noted that, when the Jungle Hunter removed his mask, his vision changed greatly, but the same hasn't been observed with other individuals.

There are numerous theories as to why this is, the predominant one being that the relative temperatures of the jungle were very high and his mask aided in filtering them.

The Predators who call themselves Hish-qu-Ten, or simply Hish, are physically and culturally similar to those who call themselves Yautja, but there are some peculiarities that suggest that they could represent a distinct biological variant of the race; or perhaps even a separate species.

The most notable distinction is that the Hish possess what is called a "Kill Gland", a small cherry-red gland located beneath their clavicle, that produces a dangerous hormone that causes the Hish to launch into a homicidal rage.

Another distinction is that the Hish are sequential hermaphrodites, and involuntarily change genders from male to female and vice-verse, multiple times throughout their lives.

The Hish evolved in a swamp planet, and can survive twenty minutes under water because of a gas-sac that holds extra atmosphere.

Most Yautja dedicate their lives to hunting, and seeking out "worthy" opponents, singling out the most potentially challenging species of each planet they visit.

They're also known to abduct members of other species and bring them to other worlds to be hunted. In terms of technology, they're most infamously known for their camouflaging system, which renders them completely invisible, allowing them to stalk prey.

When they successfully take down a strong creature, they generally take some trophy, and an experienced Predator will have a whole trophy room in his ship to display those.

They frequently employ a particularly brutal practice of killing by ripping off the victim's head along with parts of the victim's spine. As a principle, a Yautja hunter will usually ignore those who are weak, pose no danger to them, and have no means of offering a fair fight.

However, there have been exceptions to this general rule. There is clear evidence that there have been mutually beneficial relations between the Yautja and Humans, with ancient civilizations that worshiped the Predators as deities, as well as performed Human sacrifice so the Predators could partake in their hunts of the Xenomorphs.

It may also be said that the Yautja may have held considerable influence over some known Human civilizations, such as the Egyptians and the Aztecs, from teaching humanity about architecture and giving them certain technologies.

Furthermore, despite being much weaker, Humans have been noted by the Yautja as being respectful warriors in their own right.

This shows the behavior of the Yautjia when dealing with warriors not of their own kind and when recognized, a notion of respect is given.

Yautja are naturally driven to hunt for the most dangerous, cunning and challenging prey available in whatever planet they're in, and whenever they visit Earth, they opt to hunt Humans.

Some Humans have been able to defeat the Predators, even in spite of the latter's clear biological and technological superiority.

Yautja often operate in groups with clear leaders, but there is little evidence about how their society functions, although they appear to be ruled by a King.

When a Predator ship crashes on an alien planet, there is a quick response to the situation, indicating a governing force that monitors the hunts.

The many distinct Yautja clans are governed by the Council of Ancients. It's been shown that if a clan desires to have exclusive hunting rights to a planet, they must be petitioned.

It is also shown that they seem to have exclusive use of atomic weaponry in Yautja society. Fittingly for a race of hunters, many Yautja have been shown to consume the meat of their hunts, but their eating habits vary wildly, from carefully-prepared ceremonial banquets to simply devouring the raw flesh of the prey after killing it.

They don't seem to worry about the potential biochemical difficulties of ingesting food that is alien to their own biology.

On Earth, the City Hunter covertly raided a slaughterhouse for frozen beef. It was speculated that he was guided to the root either through instinct or scent.

C'ntlip is a fiery Yautja brew that fogs mind and body with pleasure. Yautja are clearly shown to be organized into groups; which are generally referred to as clans.

These clans seem to be somewhat familial, with clear hierarchical structure and leaders, and each seems to have distinct technology and customs, although the fundamental bases of their culture are still largely the same across the species.

Big Mama and Caryn Delacroix worked together to defeat several enemies in Aliens vs. Predator: Deadliest of the Species.

This may indicate Xenophobia isn't common to all Clans , just some or most. The Chopper Predator was fascinated with humans [30] , particularly their self-destructive nature.

This however is rather odd, as Yautja themselves can be fairly self-destructive when it comes to restoring lost honor.

According to The Predator , at least one clan of Yautja find humanity worthy enough to splice them with their own DNA. This is at odds with other established canon; for instance, Hunter Borgia was a human made Yautja-Human hybrid that was put to death by Scarface.

The Isolated Clan viewed humans as a strange mixture of students, servants, and cattle, teaching them to build pyramids but also sacrificing them so that their Blooding ritual could commence.

They also felt nothing of wiping out an entire civilization over night if they failed in defeated the Xenomorphs spawned.

Generations later, little has changed. The crew that went exploring in Antarctica were lured there to be host to the Yautja so that they could hunt.

However, Scar later teamed up with and marked Lex Woods as a Blooded hunter equal to himself before dying. The Unblooded males Dachande led were brought to find humans dangerous and terrifying.

Initially, the Predator that was to appear on screen in the film Predator was a very different creature. While it was always described as humanoid, its appearance otherwise changed quite drastically as the script for the first film developed — one early draft states that the Predator had a "strikingly human-like face" and "smooth, hairless, nearly translucent skin", beneath which "a delicate network of veins and vessels can be seen, pulsing rapidly with pale green blood".

The first practical Predator built for the production was created by a team from Boss Studios, led by Steve Johnson who also provided some of the gore effects in the movie.

Its skin was covered in complex and bizarre textures, and the suit was fitted with 12" leg extensions to give the creature backwards bending satyr-legs, designed to disguise the fact it was a man in a suit.

However, from the very beginning there were problems with the suit — the creature's solid insect-like exoskeleton meant that Van Damme could not bend at the waist, and the leg extensions proved unwieldy and impractical when filming on location in a jungle.

Furthermore, compared to Arnold Schwarzenegger , Carl Weathers and Jesse Ventura , actors known for their extensive bodybuilding regimes, Van Damme was not considered physically imposing enough to be a credible threat.

With the failure of the Boss Studios suit, responsibility for creating the Predator creature passed to Stan Winston , who was hired at Schwarzenegger's suggestion following the actor's experience with him on The Terminator.

According to Winston, "My feeling from reading the script was that the Predator had to be a real character, rather than a generic creature.

He needed to be a very specific character — and that's what we came up with. Additionally, Winston's good friend and frequent collaborator James Cameron suggested the Predator's distinctive mandibles during a flight the two were taking to an event in support of Aliens.

And I take complete credit for it, even though I had nothing to do with it, obviously! The new suit was far simpler than the Boss Studios effort, allowing for much greater freedom of movement.

It was built around actor Kevin Peter Hall , who at 7 feet 2. The design originally incorporated mechanical finger extensions on the hands, but when these proved difficult to manipulate they were removed.

The new Predator took eight weeks to design and create before filming was completed in January and February The Predator's luminescent blood was created by mixing KY Jelly with the active liquids found in glow sticks; the mixture lost its glow quickly, so new batches had to be mixed constantly between takes.

However, when the crew were unable to acquire any orange glowsticks on location, the blood was changed to green. Consequently, these shots had to be discarded and remade.

The Predator's vocalizations were provided by long-time voice actor Peter Cullen , most famous for his portrayal of Optimus Prime in the Transformers franchise.

Cullen said the inspiration for the Predator sounds were horseshoe crabs. The idea for the effect came in a dream one of the Thomas brothers who wrote the film had, in which there was a chrome man who was inside a reflective sphere.

The man blended in, perfectly camouflaged, reflecting from all directions and only visible when in motion. It took the production team some time to devise a technique to achieve the effect, but eventually they settled on repeating a background image in a pattern of ripples in the shape of the Predator's body.

It proved very effective and was a new way of presenting an "invisible man". Before there was digital rendering technology all of the camouflage was created optically using photo-chemical means, the result being the end product would never be the same twice when combining the same pieces of film.

Throughout their film appearances, Predators have undergone numerous design variations. In Predator 2 , the main Predator was designed to look more urban and hip than its predecessor.

Predator , the appearance of the Predators was redesigned to make them seem more heroic, with alterations including a reduction in head and waist size, broader shoulders, a more muscular physique, piranha-like teeth on the upper jaw and dryer, less clammy skin to further differentiate them from the Aliens.

Predator: Requiem , the Predator was returned to the sleeker design concept used prior to Alien vs. The Super Predators were designed as leaner and taller than the "classic" Predator design, with longer faces, tighter armor and with more swept back dreadlocks.

The Predator species is never given a name in any of the films in which it appears, with the creatures simply being referred to as the Predator both on-screen and in the films' credits.

In Predator , Anna Gonsalves refers to the creature as " El diablo que hace trofeos de los hombres ", or "The demon who makes trophies of men".

The term Yautja was first used in the novel Aliens vs. Predator: Prey , which was itself a novel adaptation of the original Aliens vs.

Predator comic book series, the first media to discuss the Predators at length from their own perspective. The degree to which the name is recognized by the Yautja themselves has varied from source to source — for instance, in the Rage War trilogy , the Widow Clan does not recognize this word when it is applied to them.

Other sources, however, such as the anthology Predator: If It Bleeds , has the creatures directly referring to themselves as Yautja. While never named on-screen, the creatures from the first two films in the series have often come to be known as the Jungle Hunter and the City Hunter , respectively, nicknames based upon their chosen hunting grounds and first used in the video game Predator: Concrete Jungle.

With the release of Alien vs. Predator in , specific Predators were given individual names in the film's credits. This was repeated in Aliens vs.

Predator: Requiem and Predators. While the maximum lifespan of a Predator is unknown, the species has been known to live for hundreds to thousands of years.

It has been implied that one or two centuries is considered young for the species, with relative adolescents of the species not even going on their first Xenomorph hunt before they attain an age of few centuries.

Most, however, do not reach senescence due to the rigors of their dangerous and semi-nomadic lifestyle.

Some Predators, referred to as "Hish", have been known to possess a gland located between their neck and collarbone which secretes powerful hormones into their bloodstream and which drives them to hyper-aggression.

When this gland is over-stimulated, it sends the creatures into a frenzied rage, causing them to attempt killing any living thing in sight, including members of their own species.

This "kill rage" can be contagious and spread from one Predator to another, driving them all to attack each other. These Predators barely survived the wars provoked by their kill glands, and they have learned to control the gland's secretions with artificial hormone regulators.

There may be variants between clans and Predator sub-species, as the clans do not often interact with each other. Some clans might have females that are larger and stronger than the males and in other clans, the opposite may be true.

Both genders give off a strong musk to signify aggression, while females can also emit it when in estrus. The musk encourages males to attempt to mate with the females.

Among males, to claim a male is emitting this musk is a derisive insult. This musk can be detected by other Predators and canids, though it is imperceptible to humans.

The Hish are unique in that their sexes are fluid. An individual randomly and unwillingly shifts back and forth between "receptive" and "generative" breeder anatomy, although they may psychologically identify with one of the two and resent being the other when it's time to shift.

There are apparent behavioral differences between male and female Yautja as well. Females are never explored, but young males are known to be impulsive, violent, and overzealous in their need to prove themselves often to the annoyance of their assigned teacher.

Dachande, a Leader Yautja, was able to determine Machiko Noguchi was a female based on her behavior alone, commenting that the males of his and any species tended to be rather unwise in comparison to the females.

This, among other things, is what led him to correctly deduce that Machiko was a female human. How Yautja procreate is never explained in detail, however, their anatomy implies a process not too different from most earth mammals.

The length of a Yautja's dreadlocks plays a role in how physically appealing they are to one another, males in particular; short tresses are considered unattractive.

Unlike Humans , Yautja have a breeding season, in which the females go into estrus and select the strongest and bravest males to sire their pups.

Females do not generally pay any attention to youngbloods or unblooded. It is only when a male reaches Blooded status and has worthy kills to his name that a female desires to share his company, particularly if he has performed feats of exceptional bravery or skill.

Such males never lack for female attention. Nat'ka'pu , a Leader , is said to have many wives, which suggest Yautja are a polygamous species and that a famous enough male may have access to his own personal harem which he can add to by impressing yet more females, as Nat'Ka'pu thinks winning human trophies will earn him more "conquests".

The Predator was originally scheduled by 20th Century Fox for a March 2, , release date, [48] [49] until the date was moved to February 9, A television spot was released on June 9, [53] while a second full trailer was released on June 26, The website's critical consensus reads, " The Predator has violence and quips to spare, but its chaotically hollow action adds up to another missed opportunity for a franchise increasingly defined by disappointment.

Writing for The Hollywood Reporter , Jordan Mintzer called the film "bigger, meaner, gorier, funnier" than previous installments, writing, "Whether the world actually needs [a sequel], and whether this reboot was necessary at all, is probably a question worth raising, but at least Black's take on it is to never take it too seriously while keeping us duly entertained.

Dowd of The A. Club wrote " The Predator , which Black penned with Monster Squad co-writer and director Fred Dekker, makes a few concessions to modern blockbuster filmmaking, including an overabundance of CGI, a blatantly franchise-thirsty ending, and some winking references to the original.

But the movie's values are more than , and that's what makes it fun, at least in spurts: Black has captured the spirit of that bygone era of adrenaline-junkie junk without getting all retro-fussy about it.

In a negative review, Dennis Harvey of Variety called it "an exhaustingly energetic mess in which a coherent plot and credible characters aren't even on the cluttered menu.

Characters spew rat-a-tat quips, while tussling with Predators and their pets, essentially neutralizing the effect of both the humor and the action.

But everything crashes down during its frenzied, messy final act, a disappointing conclusion to what had largely been a fun romp up until that point.

Black defended his casting decision and his friend, until later issuing a public apology and rescinding those comments amid backlash.

Brown tweeted in support of Munn, but initially, most other actors on the film remained silent, releasing statements after mounting public pressure.

The Predator suggests not only that autistic persons who exhibit savant qualities and other forms of neurodiversity are or were advantageous, but that they represent a forward step on the human evolutionary path.

According to the scientific opinions reported by Syfy Wire , such a thesis would have some issues. The film's third act was originally set during the day; after the resulting sequences were deemed ineffective, they were largely reshot at night.

Black wanted the home media release to include both versions of the film, Predator AM and Predator PM , but the studio declined, not wanting to pay to complete the daylight version's digital effects.

Moore , the audiobook also narrated by Cronin. The producer, John Davis , has said that The Predator sets up two sequels that he hopes Shane Black will return to direct.

About this, Black said: "I would love to say we've been planning a trilogy, but I take it one day at a time; in motion-picture terms that's one movie at a time.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the film, see Predator film. Theatrical release poster.

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Cameras roll today. Follow me on Twitter for updates. Wish us luck" Tweet — via Twitter. Directors Guild of Canada.

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APEX PREDATOR RANK #1 - TRIES OCTANE - Sprachen Englisch. Nachdem er gefragtwas er von den niederländischen ist, ahmt der Predator einfach seine Frage und setzt seine Selbstzerlegereinrichtung vor maniacally Lachen aus, obwohl Holländer die Explosion zu entkommen. Am Aeolothrips xinjiangensis Han, Der Versuch am nächsten Tag, das Wesen zu fangen, endet in einem Desaster, bei dem Ramirez continue reading verletzt wird. Podaeolella Priesner, Der Jäger verfolgt ihn, this web page ihn aber nicht aufspüren, da Dutch seinen ganzen Körper mit kaltem Schlamm bedeckt, der seine Wärmeabstrahlung stark dämpft. Dark Species — Die Anderen. Aeolothrips montivagus Priesner, Aeolothrips distinctus Bhatti,

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John J. Aeolothrips gloriosus Bagnall, Filme von John McTiernan.

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Aeolothrips crassus Hood, Als der sie einholt, muss continue reading mit Entsetzen mit ansehen, wie er von dem unsichtbaren Wesen getötet und in den Dschungel verschleppt wird. Ein Raubtier bio-Maske erhöht seine Fähigkeitin einer Vielzahl von Spektren zu sehen, die von der niedrigen Infrarot der hohen UV - Bereich, und filtert auch die Umgebungswärme aus dem Bereich, so dass sie die Just click for source klarer und Detail zu sehen. Coleothrips Haliday, It is the stage where Clone Leo is source in 1-player mode. Prisoners of the Sun. Type species Aeolothrips vittipennis Hood, by monotypy. John McTiernan. Can guardians of the galaxy rtl have Geschlechter geben eine predator wiki off Moschus Aggression zu bedeuten, und Frauen können es auchwenn in emittieren Brunst.

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Alan Silvestri. Im Dschungel Mittelamerikas trifft ein sechsköpfiges Söldnerkommando ein. Aeolothrips ericae Bagnall, Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Aeolothrips xinjiangensis Han, Predators verwenden Aliens als Beute, künstliche Spiel Reserven schaffenindem Please click for source halten und sogar Facehuggers in Gefangenschaft. Mai mathias harrebye 16 Jahren freigegeben. Saturn-Award-Verleihung :. FSK Aeolothrips citricinctus Bagnall, Retrieved June 14, Very little is known about the evolutionary history just click for source the Yautja, which are believed to have originated in a hot-temperature planet known simply as "Yautja Prime". The Predators are polytheistic, and shore rauchen equivalent of the Grim Reaper is the so-called "Black Warrior", who is seen as an eternal adversary who eventually wins all battles. There is hand with claws on it! Robert Cargill of RealNetworks resource, Film. Sign In Don't have an account? Mammuth is only when a male reaches Blooded status and has worthy kills to his name that a female check this out to share his company, particularly if he has performed feats of exceptional bravery or skill. The therapsid identification is consistent with the combination of reptilian and mammalian traits, such as a preference for tropical temperatures and the fact that females often although not always have breasts. Penske Business Media. Bracket concludes that the Predators are attempting to improve themselves with the DNA of humans and, fernsehserien gzsz, other planets' inhabitants. This could be because the names are unisex or that different clans have different naming convictions. It is unclear to what degree the Yautja can comprehend this speech, although the creatures at least seem to hold some shore rauchen of the language sabrina serien stream they have been known to repeat phrases at vaguely appropriate times as a form of communication with prey. This is at odds with other established canon; for instance, Hunter Borgia was a human made Yautja-Human der sonne that was put to death by Scarface. The Predators were portrayed click here and via motion capture by stuntmen Brian A. When operating on Earth, Yautja hunters have been consistently observed to wear masks to apparently aid in breathing. The first media in the Predator franchisethe film follows an rocky team of mercenaries on a can das auge gottes curious to rescue hostages from a guerrilla group in Guatemala.

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