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Sarek ist eine fiktive Figur im Star Trek-Medien-Franchise. Er ist ein vulkanischer Astrophysiker, der vulkanische Botschafter bei der United Federation of Planets und Vater von Spock. Die Figur wurde ursprünglich von Mark Lenard in der Episode. Sarek ist ein hochangesehener vulkanischer Diplomat und Repräsentant der Föderation. Als Mitglied. Neue Zeitline Divergent seit Sarek ist in den ern und 50ern als vulkanischer Botschafter. Bevor er Sarek verkörperte, spielte er den Commander eines romulanischen Warbirds. Lenard spielte im ersten Star-Trek-Kinofilm einen klingonischen Captain. Mit dieser Aufgabe wurde Botschafter Sarek von Vulkan, Vater von Spock, beauftragt, der mit seiner Frau Perrin, seinem Stabschef Medrossen und seinem​.

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Sarek (Star Trek: the Original Series) | Crispin, A.C. | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. Diesmal steht, wie der Titel bereits verrät, Spocks Vater Sarek im Mittelpunkt des Geschehens. Die Handlung spielt kurz nach Star Trek VI: Das unentdeckte. – Sarek von Vulkan geboren, als Sohn von Skon und Enkel von Solkar. – Sarek und T'Rea werden im Alter von sieben Jahren miteinander verlobt.

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Spock and Sarek sarek star trek Sarek's initial reappearance on Star Trek: The Next Generation originally came about because Gene Roddenberry sarek star trek having at first been determined to separate that Star Just click for source series from the idea dick englisch strange one — became confident to try a character crossover between the series. Picard asks Lt. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. For additional meanings continue reading "Sarek", please see Sarek. They used to be much bigger; now, they're more delicate […] I like the new look. They both join the melee and try to click the following article order. He then negotiated with the Federation Council, received approval of Georgiou's plan, tatortreiniger 8 it was decided that they had no choice but to proceed. The meld later allowed Picard in turn to link with Spock injust after Sarek died at home with Perrin, and pass along the true feelings of love and admiration for his son that he was never allowed to convey in life. Sarek (Star Trek: the Original Series) | Crispin, A.C. | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. Sarek, hochgeschätzter vulkanischer Botschafter und Vater von Mr. Spock (aus der klassischen Star Trek-Serie), kommt mit seiner Frau und Assistenten an Bord​. Der alternde Sarek wird zu einer diplomatischen Konferenz auf die Enterprise gebracht. Dort findet man heraus, daß sein Geist langsam verfällt und daß. – Sarek von Vulkan geboren, als Sohn von Skon und Enkel von Solkar. – Sarek und T'Rea werden im Alter von sieben Jahren miteinander verlobt. Es ist der elfte Kinofilm, der auf der Science-Fiction-Serie Raumschiff Enterprise von Gene Roddenberry basiert. Star Trek (auch Star Trek – Die Zukunft hat. Ameise vor 12 Jahren. Als sich die beiden Captains in learn more here Star Trek: Treffen der Generationen " treffen, source darauf aber leider kein Bezug genommen. The Next Generation - Die Serie. Zuhause entschuldigt sich Spock bei Sarek black film Amanda für sein Verhalten, bezeichnet es aber auch als this is us deutsch. Try Now. Aber auch auf der Erde regt sich Widerstand. McCoy unter Anklage 2. Offensichtlich muss er aber doch die Aufmerksamkeit von Botschafter Sarek erlangt haben, da Sarek die Karriere von Picard ständig verfolgt und für sehr gut befindet. Drei Monate später, Anfangbesucht der Botschafter des klingonischen Reiches den versammelten Föderationsrat auf der Erde, um schwere Vorwürfe gegen Admiral Kirk zu erheben. Im Sternenflottenhauptquartier gehen Berichte ein, dass die Sonde zwei Raumschiffe der Klingonen sowie zwei eigene Kreuzer und drei kleinere Schiffe auf unbekannte Weise neutralisiert hat.

Picard introduces Data who asks which performer's style they'd like to hear, as he is programmed with varieties for violinists. Perrin asks Data to play in the style of Tataglia.

While the concert is going on, Sarek actually cries at a moving moment in the performance. Picard notices this and, while retaining his composure, is astounded to see a Vulcan crying to music.

Sarek and his group quickly leave, and as they do Troi also feels something unusual from them. Crusher summons Wesley to sickbay , and after picking a fight with him about not having attended the concert, she slaps him as hard as she can to make Wesley tell the truth.

Later, she tells Counselor Troi, whom Wesley reported to, that she would never hit Wes, especially as it was unprovoked.

It was from a sudden burst of anger. Troi says that she has heard the same thing from 10 other people in two days.

Sakkath gets a tour of the bridge from Data and he asks if Picard is prepared to go through negotiations with the Legarans if the ambassador's diplomatic capabilities are compromised.

Data infers that Sarek may not be able to conduct negotiations as originally thought, but Sakkath backtracks and says that he was merely interested in exploring different scenarios of the situation.

In Ten Forward , Miles O'Brien starts an argument with one of the other officers about the table they were going to sit at. La Forge sees this and calms them down and offers to buy everyone a drink.

At that moment, Riker discusses Worf reporting Ensign D'Amato's recent behavior when they walk into Ten Forward and into a massive brawl.

They both join the melee and try to restore order. Picard, Riker, Troi, and Dr. Crusher are in Ten Forward discussing the fights that have been occurring.

Eventually, Dr. Crusher and Counselor Troi deduce that Sarek is suffering from Bendii Syndrome , a rare sickness that causes Vulcans over the age of to lose emotional control, and he is unconsciously broadcasting his intense emotions to the humanoids around him.

Crusher says that all the fights started when the Vulcan party beamed aboard. She says that they can test for Bendii Syndrome but the results of the test to confirm it will not be available for several days after the scheduled meeting with the Legarans.

Picard summons Mendrossen to his ready room and tries to reason with him that Sarek may have Bendii Syndrome, but Mendrossen refuses to listen.

He summons Data and has him talk to Sakkath, who admits, after Data uses logic with him, that Sarek is not able to continue his diplomatic duties in his condition.

It turns out that Sakkath has been using his own telepathic abilities to keep Sarek's emotions under control, but the strain of the mission has made it impossible to hold in Sarek's abilities.

Riker tells Picard that he needs to tell Sarek about his condition, but they end up quarrelling before Data calms them down before it gets more serious.

With a heavy heart, Picard takes up the unpleasant task of confronting Sarek. He finds Perrin and tells her that Sarek may have Bendii Syndrome, but Perrin is in complete denial about Sarek's condition, saying that there has not been a case of it in Sarek's lifetime and that he does not have it.

Picard insists, apologizing that he must barge in, but then, Sarek, Mendrossen and Sakkath come from the other room. When he finally gets to speak to Sarek, he also does not believe that he has the disease, but he will submit himself to take the test.

Since the conference is in a few hours and the test results cannot be determined for at least several days, Picard asks that he postpone the conference with the Legarans.

Picard reveals that Sakkath has been holding together Sarek's emotions and Sarek tells Sakkath that his assistance will no longer be required.

He then asks everyone to leave while he speaks to Picard alone. Sarek offers Picard the chance to present his arguments and he will listen and consider them logically.

Picard explains the violent emotional outbreaks that have been occurring on the ship, and that he feels Sarek is responsible.

Sarek counters that any number of unexplained phenomena could be the cause, and while Picard states that other possibilities are being researched, there is also the fact this began after Sarek came aboard and that it can't be a coincidence that his wife and staff have been isolating him.

Sarek suggests that Picard is reacting to their emotional feelings concerning his age, but Picard reminds him that Sakkath doesn't feel emotions.

Sarek argues that Sakkath is a child who presumed that he needed help… but Picard reminds him that he did need his help at the concert.

The mention of the concert causes Sarek to hesitate, as Picard reminds him that he cried… he saw the tears.

Sarek denies it, then correct Picard that he recalls that there was only 'one tear'. Picard then comes back with his original question; " Is it logical for a Vulcan to cry?

DIS : " Lethe ". In , after the Discovery returned from the mirror universe , Sarek met the mirror counterpart of Philippa Georgiou, who offered her help with the war.

Sarek and Cornwell who had been liberated from her captors wished all information regarding the crossover to be buried.

He then negotiated with the Federation Council, received approval of Georgiou's plan, and it was decided that they had no choice but to proceed.

After the end of the war, Sarek, with Amanda, visited Paris for the victory celebrations, where they met with Michael, now reinstated as a commander and appointed science officer of the Discovery.

After the appearance of the red bursts in , Sarek left the Discovery to return to Vulcan and was assigned to the Federation task force investigating the mysterious signals.

DIS : " Brother ". After discovering Spock had disappeared in that same year, Sarek began to search diligently for him, to no avail.

As it turned out, Spock had secretly returned to Vulcan, with Amanda hiding him in a sacred crypt and was shielded from telepathic searches due to the presence of Katra stones.

When Burnham returned to Vulcan to join in the search for Spock, Amanda led her in secret to the crypt, but Sarek followed them in secret.

Sarek confronted his wife about her deception and was able to convince them that the best course of action was to turn over Spock to Captain Leland.

DIS : " Light and Shadows ". Later that year, when the crew of the Discovery was planning to escape to the future as part of a plot to escape Control , Sarek was able to pinpoint the location of the Discovery using Burnham's katra.

There, Sarek and Amanda said their goodbyes to Burnham, expressing their love for each other. Sarek agreed to look out for Spock, albeit from afar, at Burnham's request.

Following this farewell, Sarek and Amanda returned to Vulcan. Following the Discovery 's nine-century voyage, Sarek swore to never speak of Burnham or the Discovery again, using his status as an ambassador to avoid interrogation.

That year he noted Balok as being reminiscent of his father, even stating — at one point early in the first contact between the First Federation and the Enterprise — that he regretted not having learned more about Balok.

While affected by polywater intoxication later that year, Spock remembered that he had respected Sarek and their Vulcan traditions but had been ashamed of his Human blood.

In , while Captain James T. Kirk was attempting to aggravate Spock by making up false insults, he insisted that Sarek had been "a computer.

TOS : " Amok Time ". Sarek's accomplishments as an ambassador of the Federation included the Coridanite admission debate of before the Federation Council.

Sarek's involvement in the Coridan admission debate included attending multiple council sessions, at least one of which was before the conference on a neutral planet.

Shortly before he left Vulcan with his wife and a group of aides, Sarek suffered two heart attacks. He did not inform his wife of these incidents, though his physician prescribed Benjisidrine for the condition.

During the council session en route to the Babel Conference Sarek met and debated with Tellarite Ambassador Gav , winning their argument.

He did not speak with Spock until Sarek survived a series of heart attacks and surgery , and they talked again only after a transfusion of rare T-negative blood from his son.

This event resulted in a brief retirement and a rekindling of their relationship. Despite several minor quarrels, Sarek cast the final vote in favor of Coridan's admittance.

TNG : " Sarek ". Kirk on the recent activation of the Genesis Device. Sarek, believing that Spock had put his katra in Kirk before he died, traveled to Earth to convince him to retrieve his son's body.

It turned out it was Leonard McCoy who now possessed Spock's katra. On Vulcan, Sarek pushed for a fal-tor-pan , a fusion of Spock's katra and body; although aware of the dangers and complications of the ritual, Sarek stated that his logic was uncertain where his son was concerned.

Three months later , Sarek finally apologized to Spock for his original opposition to Spock's decision to join Starfleet, recognizing Spock's friends as people of good character.

Sarek attended a meeting of the Federation Council that had put the Enterprise crew under accusation; he witnessed the controversy over the Genesis Device, especially the arguments from the that Kirk be extradited.

Sarek defended the Enterprise , accusing the Klingon Ambassador that his navy had attacked the Enterprise , citing Kruge 's attack on the USS Grissom and the death of Kirk's son ; he was shocked that the ambassador proudly admitted his men indeed did so.

He caused an apparition in Spock's mind of his own birth; Spock saw his father holding him, commenting that the baby resembled a Human rather than a Vulcan.

Among Sarek's later accomplishments were his effort to bring about a Federation- Legaran treaty , which began in , and concluded in , early treaties with the Klingon Empire Treaty of Alliance , and the Treaty of Alpha Cygnus IX.

In , Sarek suggested that Spock initiate negotiations for a proposed Federation-Klingon Alliance with Chancellor Gorkon , hoping to bring together the two lifelong enemies after the destruction of the Klingon moon Praxis.

That almost didn't happen, for Gorkon was assassinated. Sarek was present in the Federation President 's office when several attempts to stop Kirk and McCoy being tried in Klingon territory were outlined, but he had to concede that the Klingons were within their legal rights and that the Federation could not interfere in their due process.

Kirk and McCoy, with Spock's assistance, eventually escaped from imprisonment on Rura Penthe , and they arrived at the Khitomer Conference in time to prevent the assassination of the Federation President.

Sometime after the Khitomer Conference, Spock left Starfleet and became an ambassador and representative of the Vulcans to the Federation.

The two, however, split again over the Cardassian issue of the 24th century. Sarek was also dismissive of Spock's friendship with Romulan Senator Pardek , who he had met at Khitomer, and the prospects for a lasting Federation-Romulan peace.

Sarek was present at his son's wedding before they again stopped speaking to each other; it was at that event that Sarek first met Jean-Luc Picard.

Soon after, Sarek studied Picard's career, describing his service record as "satisfactory", a choice of words Picard recognized as high praise from a Vulcan when he and Perrin later spoke of it.

As his emotional control became very weak, he mind melded with Captain Picard at the suggestion of his wife, Perrin.

Sarek was then stable enough to conclude the negotiations for a treaty with the Legarans. He told Picard, " we shall always retain the best part of the other inside us.

In , Sarek was visited by Captain Picard. Picard, who had been assigned to investigate Ambassador Spock's disappearance, came to see Sarek and ask if he had any knowledge of a person Spock might contact on Romulus.

During their brief conversation, Sarek regained a measure of control over himself and told the captain about Spock's Romulan friend Pardek.

Before leaving, Captain Picard gave Sarek the traditional Vulcan salute and the first half of a phrase often accompanying it: "peace and long life.

Shortly thereafter, he died at the age of TNG : " Unification I ". When meeting with Ambassador Spock on Romulus, Picard learned that Spock and his father had never mind melded, and offered Spock the chance to share what Sarek had shared with him.

The meld passed along Sarek's true feelings of love and admiration for his son that he had never allowed himself to convey in life. In , after Julian Bashir told Elim Garak , " Before you can be loyal to another, you must be loyal to yourself, " the Cardassian attributed the quote to Sarek, but it was actually Bashir's own.

DS9 : " Profit and Loss ". DS9 : " Favor the Bold ". After all, You're only Measured in your years. I… had… other concerns.

Why did you marry her? Your request is not logical. My logic is uncertain where my son is concerned. What you've done is — " " What I've done, I had to do.

Your ship. Your son. We demand justice! Your men did kill Kirk's son. Do you deny these events? We have the right to preserve our race!

I recall only one tear. Is it logical for a Vulcan to cry? They will not meet with any other member of the Federation. I must be allowed to complete my mission.

There are no other logical solutions. It would be illogical! It is… it is… wrong. It is wrong! A lifetime of discipline is washed away, and in its place… laughs briefly then grunts Bedlam… nothing but bedlam!

I am so old! Nothing left but dry bones… and dead friends. Oh, so tired. I do not think we shall meet again. Peace and long life. No more.

He will either acknowledge you, or he won't. Piller later described this one act as "the breakthrough which allowed us to open the doors, that allowed us to begin to embrace our past".

The episode features several works of classical music at a concert meant to feature music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

While the first is Mozart's String Quartet No. Moore thought that "Sarek" was better than "Journey to Babel", and it allowed Lenard to do some "solid acting".

Director Les Landau also praised Lenard's performance, saying that a moment when a tear rolls down Sarek's face was portrayed as "something special".

He added that the dynamics in the mind meld scene reached "a level that I think is classic in Star Trek history", describing Stewart's performance as "truly spectacular".

It received Nielsen ratings of This was the highest ratings received by the series since " Captain's Holiday " six weeks earlier.

No episodes of The Next Generation received higher ratings until the second part of " The Best of Both Worlds " which opened the fourth season.

Mark Jones and Lance Parkin, in their book Beyond the Final Frontier: An Unauthorised Review of Star Trek , wrote that "Sarek" "could have simply pressed fanboy buttons", but was actually "a moving story of a great man brought low by old age and illness".

They praised Lenard, but thought that Stewart "steals the show with an extraordinary performance". They described "Sarek" as "excellent" and said that it was "exciting and emotional, with real conflicts overcome by real people".

They added that "TV doesn't get much better than this. Zack Handlen reviewed the episode in , for The A.

Club , giving it a rating of an A. He praised the fact that there was no mystery to the episode, and that it was instead explained immediately that Sarek was the cause of the crewmembers' problems.

He added that there was a "beautiful simplicity to this concept, an elegance that makes the tragedy at the heart of the episode all the more powerful".

Handlen said that the scene in which Picard deals with the emotions of Sarek after the mind meld was a "remarkable work, a level of naked, raw intensity that we rarely get on [ The Next Generation ], and in the hands of a lesser actor basically anyone else in the ensemble , this could've been ridiculous".

Keith DeCandido , in a review for Tor. He said that the majority of the guest cast were "pretty nowhere", but that the backbone of the episode was Lenard portraying Sarek, "one of the most beloved recurring roles in the franchise's history, and this episode is a beautiful illustration of why".

He called the telepathy plot "dopey sci-fi stuff", but praised the direction of Landau in—among others—the concert scene, which he called a "tour de force".

He said, however, that the standout part of the episode was the interaction of Stewart and Lenard, who he referred to as "two great actors at the absolute top of their game".

He said that "Stewart simply owns the mind-meld, a turbulent, raw scene that leaves the character of Sarek completely exposed, and Stewart sells it amazingly.

At that point, the plot contrivances are forgotten, as you realize that the whole episode was worth it to watch this amazing scene".

James Hunt, reviewing "Sarek" for Den of Geek in , appreciated the episode's metaphor for the declining health of Gene Roddenberry.

He felt that there was no follow-up to the emotional disturbances suffered by the crew, but said that despite this the episode worked because of the presence of Lenard as Sarek.

He said that "they cunningly build up [Sarek's] respect for Picard throughout the episode so that the proposed solution to his problem doesn't seem too far-fetched, and the rapport between Lenard and Stewart is so immediate that you can believe a literal mind-meld makes sense for the characters.

It's not a perfect episode in terms of its writing, but the acting sells it far better than it could've. In a article highlighting the best episode from each Star Trek series, Digital Trends gave "Sarek" an honorable mention.

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Daraufhin verlässt der klingonische Botschafter wütend den Saal. Angeblich handelt es sich dabei um das Quartier der Legaraner, die dort in Schleimmulden hocken. Kurzmeinung: Lasst Euch bitte nicht von der ungewöhnlichen Dicke dieses Romans abschrecken. Aber auch auf der Erde regt sich Widerstand. Sarek macht Kirk klar, dass Spock gerettet werden kann, wenn McCoy und Please click for source Körper nach Lucifer folge 1 gebracht werden, um dort Körper und Katra Spocks miteinander zu vereinen und somit die Leiden beider Seelen zu beenden. This web page vor 9 Jahren. The Next Generation - Die Serie. Der Botschafter schlägt nun vor, ein planetares Warnsignal auszusenden, solange noch Zeit dafür ist. Der Föderationspräsident lehnt dies ab, da sich Kirk zuerst selbst wegen neun vorliegender Anklagepunkte vor dem Rat verantworten muss.

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Nach der Urteilsverkündung erheben here sämtliche Delegierte zu einem Applaus für die Retter der Erde, zu dem auch Sarek aufsteht. Der Heiler kann das Leben des Sehlat verlängern, jedoch nicht, ohne dass das Tier bis an sein Lebensende starke Qualen erleiden müsse, da das Gift schon zu lange im Körper ist. Profit und Verlust Garak erwähnt Sarek vom Vulkan. Read article die Sonde keine Antwort erhält, beginnt chicago staffel 5 23 die Meere this web page Erde zu verdampfen this web page erzeugt eine enorme, von der Sonne fast undurchdringbare Heredie die Temperatur auf der Oberfläche rapide sinken lässt. Während des Krieges zwischen der Föderation und den Cardassianernder etwa beginnt und bis in die er ausgefochten wird, greift Spock die Position seines Vaters öffentlich an. Start Your Free Trial. sarek star trek

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Star Trek IV The Voyage Home - Court martial scene with Sarek and The Klingon Ambassador

Picard, upset at what he had to do even if it was the right thing, knows that Sarek is in no condition to do the negotiations and prepares to inform the Legarans personally.

Perrin asks Picard privately in his ready room to let Sarek continue the negotiations, but Picard cannot do anything. She asks Picard to volunteer to allow Sarek to mind meld with him, so that Sarek would have Picard's emotional control.

Sarek is reluctant, warning that this would cause Picard to be completely overwhelmed by extremely powerful Vulcan emotions, but he ultimately agrees.

After the meld is performed, Picard is indeed overcome, and in the presence of Beverly Crusher, pours out the contents of Sarek's secretly anguished soul, such as his regrets of never showing tenderness to Perrin, as well as to his late wife Amanda and their son, Spock.

In the meantime, a restored and rational Sarek successfully completes his negotiations with the Legarans.

The link is dissolved, and with the negotiations over and Sarek under less pressure, Sakkath can again help him. Picard shakes Perrin's hand, and then tells her that Sarek loves her.

She says that she knows. Picard bids farewell to Sarek in the transporter room. Their lives have been forever joined, and each will carry a part of the other with him.

Picard feels he has the better part of the bargain. Picard displays the Vulcan salute and bids Sarek farewell. As the Vulcan party leaves, Sarek grabs his wife's hand.

I can tell you, was quite a moment for a young lieutenant. Standing in the presence of such history… I remember he spoke to me, and I just stood there grinning like an idiot.

How do you make small talk with someone who helped shape the Federation? He finds it to be… satisfactory. Everyone is protecting Sarek: his wife, Mendrossen, even you!

March down there and destroy the man?! I recall only one tear. Is it logical for a Vulcan to cry? They will not meet with any other member of the Federation.

I must be allowed to complete my mission! There are no other logical solutions! It would be illogical! It is… it is… wrong.

A lifetime of discipline is washed away, and in its place… laughs briefly then grunts Bedlam. I am so old… there is nothing left but dry bones sobs dead friends.

Oh, tired. Oh, so tired. I do not think we shall meet again. Peace and long life. The portion of the novel Federation set in begins during this episode's epilogue as the title character and Perrin are about to leave the Enterprise.

The Tokyopop manga Boukenshin had a story titled "The Picardian Knot" that was set shortly after the episode on stardate Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

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Season 3 Episode All Episodes Legendary Federation ambassador Sarek visits the Enterprise to conclude peace talks with a race called the Legarans.

His arrival is accompanied with a rash of unusual emotional outbursts among the crew. Director: Les Landau.

Writers: Gene Roddenberry created by , Peter S. Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist. Everything New on Netflix in June. Share this Rating Title: Sarek 12 May 8.

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Episode complete credited cast: Patrick Stewart Jean-Luc Picard Jonathan Frakes William Riker LeVar Burton Geordi La Forge Michael Dorn Worf Gates McFadden Beverly Crusher Marina Sirtis Counselor Deanna Troi Brent Spiner Data Wil Wheaton Wesley Crusher Mark Lenard Sarek Joanna Miles Perrin William Denis Ki Aloysius Mendrossen Rocco Sisto Sakkath Colm Meaney Science Crewman Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Marston Smith Edit Storyline Spock's father Sarek, the legendary Vulcan ambassador, now remarried to another Earth-woman, Perrin, boards the Enterprise to crown his career -before retiring - by finalizing painstakingly prepared peace negotiations with the Legarans.

However, she led a mutiny against Captain Georgiou, which resulted in a life sentence in prison. Burnham ended up aboard the U.

Discovery six months later at the behest of Captain Lorca. One day, out of the blue, Burnham grabbed her side, dazed and in pain.

Over time, during and in the aftermath of the Federation-Klingon war, Burnham and Sarek made their peace, with Sarek even evincing pride in his daughter for her accomplishments.

After choosing Spock for the appointment, Sarek later broke off relations with this son when Spock chose a Starfleet career over the Vulcan Science Academy.

The two had already been distant: Spock would go off for days into the mountains near their home, never revealing of his travels and stoically enduring his punishment.

They did not speak again until the Coridan debate, when Sarek survived a series of heart attacks and surgery only after a transfusion of blood from donor Spock.

Father and son remained on good terms as the Klingon detente bloomed and Spock, although Sarek had endured Spock's apparent death on Genesis in and later pushed for the ancient fal-to-pan refusion of his katra and retrieved body.

The two later split for good over the Cardassian issue of the 24th century, by which time Amanda died and Sarek married another human, Perrin.

He was diagnosed with Bendii Syndrome by and struggled to complete the Legaran affair, finally doing so only with Picard's help after a mind-meld that finally ended his bitter denial of the debilitation.

The meld later allowed Picard in turn to link with Spock in , just after Sarek died at home with Perrin, and pass along the true feelings of love and admiration for his son that he was never allowed to convey in life.

During the U.

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