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Die drei etwas durchgedrehten Doktoren Venkman, Stantz und Spengler eröffnen einen Geisterjäger-Service. Dabei erleben sie zahlreiche Abenteuer: Sie schlagen sich durch die Unterwelt, erkunden Geisterhäuser, und fangen Geister und Phantome. The Real Ghostbusters ist eine von 19produzierte US-amerikanische Zeichentrickserie, die auf dem Spielfilm Ghostbusters – Die Geisterjäger von. Die Liste der Episoden von The Real Ghostbusters umfasst eine Auflistung der Episoden der amerikanischen Zeichentrickserie The Real Ghostbusters, sortiert. Eine lose auf dem Film "Ghostbusters" basierende Trickserie. Die Geisterjäger gehen immer noch ihrer Jagd auf übernatürliche Störenfriede nach, haben aber. - Kaufen Sie The Real Ghostbusters - Box 1 (11 Discs) günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen.

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The Real Ghostbusters, kurz: RGB, entsteht mit insgesamt Folgen in 7 Staffeln durch die Produzenten der Ghostbusters-Filme und das Produktionsstudio. Eine lose auf dem Film "Ghostbusters" basierende Trickserie. Die Geisterjäger gehen immer noch ihrer Jagd auf übernatürliche Störenfriede nach, haben aber. Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. Nicht nur die Tatsache, dass die verschiedenen eingesetzten Animationsstudios in Japan beheimatet sind, machen RGB streng genommen zu einem Anime, die wunderbare Ästhetik östlicher Animation, sprich Anime, ist einfach auch ständig präsent. Und irgendwie hätten endgame altersbeschrГ¤nkung Hintergründe schon ein paar mehr gezeichnete Details vertragen… Aber das ist 80er-Charme. Aber das sah man damals alles noch go here so genau…. Adventures In Slime And Space. Die meisten von ihnen haben unehrenhaft heute in anderen Formen überlebt. Citizen Ghost. Hudemx geb. The Ghostbusters Live!

Next to the crystal is a miniature model of the Robo-Buster. Near Robo-Buster, on the board, is the anti-Ghostbusters logo seen in a television advertisement and aphoto of the Pig Snouted Demon from "Robo-Buster".

Robo-Busters "unlawful entity" line is written above the Pig Demon photo. On Page 5, on the back of Egon's pocket computer is "Marsha" the name of his animated counterpart's computer in "Banshee Bake a Cherry Pie?

On Page 7, on the dashboard is the Air Sickness from the Haunted Vehicles line of Kenner, this completes the appearances all three vehicles in the ongoing series.

On Page 10, the Grossjuck Plaza can be seen on the left. On Page 20, to the right is the Stacy's building.

The gentleman with the mustache is the one who remarks "Bah humbug! The woman who relayed the story of how Ebenezer Scrooge defeated the three Ghosts of Christmas is near the bottom-right corner of the panel.

Winston's outfit is the one his animated counterpart wore "X-Mas Marks the Spot". The Marley's store, itself, is a reference to Jacob Marley.

On Page 8, half buried object in the snow behind Egon is the Rosebud sled from "Ghostbuster of the Year". On Page 11, the doorknocker is based on Jacob Marley.

On the top shelf are Marley's safe and a copy of A Christmas Humbug. On the desk are the robot and purple lizard toys and tape recorder from Peter's desk in "Citizen Ghost".

On Page 1, Janine is wearing a classic outfit her animated counterpart wore on The Real Ghostbusters. The three labels on the file cabinets reference characters from The Real Ghostbusters: Mr.

Dunbar from "Follow That Hearse", Mr. On Page 10, one of the officers present is Lieutenant Frump. Also on the folder are episode data about "Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster".

On Page 18, outside the Firehouse is a Noble's Salvage tow truck, a reference to the yard visited in "Lost and Foundry".

On the filing cabinet to the right of Peter's office is the Interdimensional Communicator from "Flip Side".

Next to Ortiz is the box of contaminated uniforms from "Citizen Ghost". On Page 23, Ralph meets Samhain. On Page 12, Dr. On Page 19, to the left of the salon, and cut off by the page, is a store that references Lorenzo Music.

In the lower right corner of the pack is a reference to Killerwatt from "Killerwatt". On Page 6, the Real Ghostbusters Firehouse alarm rings.

In panel 2, the see through canister near the pack parts appears to be the main component of the Dimensionometer from "Egon on the Rampage" On Page 9, above Janine's right arm is a Stay Puft Marshmallows advertisement.

Granny Candy appears on a billboard to the right of Janine. Above Ron is Dears from "Lost and Foundry".

Janine gets out of a car based on the pink Volkswagen used most of the time by her animated counterpart. It is based on one of the old Carnival storybooks, but with art inspired from "Flip Side".

On Page 22, Samhain is revealed to be Boogieman in disguise. Ray is wearing a green outfit worn by his animated counterpart on occasion during off duty hours.

On the back cover is an ad for Gloop! The woman waiving to Rookie and Ron is one of the break dancers the rogue Troll watches in "Troll Bridge".

The space ship by the airplane is one of the By-Products of Dreams from "Mr. Ferret Show" from "Stay Tooned". On Page 10, the bazooka's design is based on the one Peter conjured up in "Mean Green Teen Machine" but the coloring is different.

On Page 15, the frame near the pot has an image of the farm from the opening of "Egon's Dragon". Janine's night gown is based on the one worn in "Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster".

The miniature portal in the first panel and other device in front of Roger is the Dimensionometer from "Egon on the Rampage".

On Page 20, Egon uses the shield from "Doctor, Doctor". The claw at the end of the stick is one of the Robo-Buster's from "Robo-Buster".

Roger's Neighborhood", above the circular glasses is a brochure of Lorne's Greenhouse from "A Ghost Grows in Brooklyn", in the lower left corner is the lamp from "Janine's Genie", the "Hi Toots" computer message from "Janine's Day Off" is on the screen to the left of the newspaper, and above the cactus is Janine's bikini bottom from "The Devil in the Deep".

On Page 2, the shield from "Doctor, Doctor" is still present. On Page 5, on the ground under the bottom shelf by the tank is part of the Spectral Differentializer from "When Halloween Was Forever".

On Page 8, in the classroom, there is a poster that reads P. This was Janine's grade school, mentioned in "Rollerghoster".

Janine's senior prom took place on June 16, On Page 17, Slimer eats a watermelon, a possible homage to the Kenner Green Ghost toy which had Slimer with a watermelon accessory.

On Page 9, the Power Guy arcade is still present in the Firehouse. The clock owned by the Carter children from "The Boogieman Cometh" is also present.

In Ghostbusters Volume 2 9 : On Page 2, with their backs to the reader, the couple on the right watching Peter and Kylie are the frightened couple who run into a diner full of skeletons in "When Halloween Was Forever".

On Page 3, the irate taxi driver is visually based on the caricature of series staffer John Calmette seen at the end of "Ghosts R Us".

On Page 4, to the left of the taxi driver is Laura Summer. To the right of the driver is the driver's passenger from "Ghosts R Us".

Peck's folder has information about "When Halloween Was Forever". Peter's shirt appears to reference Lorenzo Music. One of the two books in the lower left has the Icon Ghost on it.

On the right, a photo of Wat from "Mrs. Card from the Kenner toys. On Page 16, Egon also mentions Samhain.

He has a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man doll. The Grundel is depicted on a page of Tobin's Spirit Guide. On Page 15, the Power Guy arcade appears once again.

On the board is: on the top left are two photos of the interior of the Containment Unit from "X-Mas Marks the Spot", in the middle is a photo collage from various The Real Ghostbusters toys from the Kenner line, including the Firehouse, and on the bottom left is a photo of Ebenezer Scrooge from "X-Mas Marks the Spot".

Ray once again is wearing clothes his animated counterpart wore in "X-Mas Marks the Spot". On Page 1, in the second panel, above Norris, on the board is a poster for Poso from "Partners in Slime".

The article about the Crimebusters is from "Ghost Busted". The other wanted poster features the Crimelord from "Ghost Busted".

On Page 2, on the electric panel is Killerwatt from "Killerwatt". On Egon's board is a newspaper article is by Cynthia Crawford.

Also on the tack board is an early rendition of the Boogieman done by Dan Schoening in October and an early rendition of the Boogieman done by Tristan Jones.

On Page 11, Egon's fear is of the Boogieman and Peter's fear is of cockroaches, a likely nod to a fear shared by his animated counterpart in "Drool, the Dog Faced Goblin".

On Page 16, the method of sealing a Trap in cement in a crate resembles a strategy used in vain by the Real Ghostbusters in "The Cabinet of Calamari" against Harry Houdini.

On Page 4, behind Egon, under the shelf if the box of contaminated uniforms from "Citizen Ghost". On Page 8, the St.

Patrick's Day Parade banner on the light pole has a picture of the Mayor's Wife from "The Scaring of the Green" where she was the honorary grand marshal of the St.

Patrick's Day Parade. On Page 9, the bus that crashes down is visually based on the one Peter captures the Bus Driver Ghost in during the start of "Ghostbuster of the Year".

The business card seen in Volume 2 Issue 11 are still up, behind the counter. On Page 14, on one of the higher computers is the file on Shifter from "Partners in Slime".

Sandman, Dream Me a Dream" are running down the sidewalk behind the Ghostbusters. Egon is holding a P. Slimer is clinging to the roof of Ecto The Icon Ghost is under the manhole cover.

On Page 3, the Ghostbusters of the Future's suits are visually based on those worn by the action figures in Kenner's Fright Features toy line.

It is used at the end of Volume 2 20 as well. On the cabinet is Kenner's Ecto-Plazm. On Page 11, once again, part of the Dimensional Inverter is on the bottom shelf.

In the third panel, on the computer screen by Dana's shoulder is a screen from the computerized Tobin's Spirit Guide in "Not Now, Slimer!

On Page 6, Peter wears a yellow raincoat like his animated counterpart did in the back half "The Devil in the Deep".

Also from the episode is the power source Peter used for his thermal blaster attachment. On Page 11, above Egon on the white locker is the Sandman's bag and blowgun from "Mr.

On Page 14, in the cardboard box is a copy of the misspelled Weird Tales magazine from "Mr.

On Page 15, Poso's file from "Partners in Slime" is on the computer. Holding up the party flier is a magnet based on Killerwatt's host body in "Killerwatt".

In Ghostbusters Volume 2 19 : The Subscription Cover is a homage to a scene from the first end credits sequence. Behind Egon is the Dimensionometer from "Egon on the Rampage".

On Page 2, on the bottom shelf is once again, part of the Dimensional Inverter from Egon's lab. On Page 3, on the lower shelf, on the computer - is the screen from "I Am the City" during the Tobin search.

Tiamat takes on the form of Necksa from "The Devil in the Deep". On Page 6, in front of the sign is a can of Blody. On Page 8, the misspelled Weird Fiction is still in the box.

It is from "The Collect Call of Cathulhu". On Page 11, in panel 5, on the lower right, there is a Hasty Pastry Bakery box.

It is from "The Joke's on Ray". On Page 15, once again the Containment Unit incorporates the biometric failsafe from "Mrs. On the computer blue screen under the unit's biometric panel is the start screen of The Real Ghostbusters Game Boy game made by Activision.

On Page 6, Ray declares they have to manually vent the Containment Unit. Such a procedure was done before on "Buster the Ghost".

On Page 9, in the last panel on the left is Dr. In panel two, on Peter's right is the Demon in Picture from "Mrs. On Page 17, on the screen left of the biometric failsafe pad of the Containment Unit is the scene of "Leave It to Woodchuck" in color from "Station Identification".

On Page 11, in the background is a water cooler with a Yuppie Water label. The product is from "Short Stuff". On Page 12, Winston's question about the new device catching on fire is a nod to the Dimensional Inverter's animated counterpart routinely going on the fritz in The Real Ghostbusters.

Behind Kylie, on the kitchen sink once more, is the soap bottle with Double Bubble on it.

In similar fashion, the Ghostbusters' animated counterparts on The Real Ghostbusters wore different colored jumpsuits.

On Page 19, the power source is based on the device Egon and Ray tinker with in the first introduction sequence of The Real Ghostbusters.

On Page 10, once again, the alarm is based on the version in The Real Ghostbusters. On Page 14, a store sign on the left references the Bone Dragon.

In panel 3, right of Kylie is the Dimensionometer "Egon on the Rampage". In panel 4, still on the whiteboard from last issue is the picture that comes with the Ghost Zapper projector toy from Kenner.

On Page 9, once again, the biometric protocol from "Mrs. Roger's Neighborhood" is attached to the Containment Unit. On the Subscription Cover, the Janine Melnitz of both universes are featured along with Egon Spengler from the prime canon.

Below Vigo is the Boogieman. At the bottom corners of the cover are Imps from "Janine's Day Off". Right of Winston Zeddemore is Killerwatt from "Killerwatt".

Below Killerwatt is Tolay from "Egon's Ghost". Below Tolay is Samhain. Left of Samhain is the Grundel. Right of Ray Stantz is the Sandman from "Mr.

On the Dramatis Personae page is Janine and Slimer despite them not appearing at all in the issue. He summarizes the back drop of the episode "Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster".

Claudia's design is loosely based on Dahlia from "Moaning Stones". The Shoppers from "Cry Uncle" are all around Claudia in panel 2.

The location is based on the Garment District section seen in "Cry Uncle". On Page 4, Peter gets out his pen and pad seen in "Mrs. Roger's Neighborhood" when they first enter the house set up by Wat.

On Page 5, the page is lifted from "Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster" starting at the mark when the Ghostbusters near Rockefeller on their way to Gracie Mansion and Peter asks Egon if he's figured out the source of the heightened activity.

On Page 6, the page is lifted from "Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster" ending at the mark when the Ghostbusters crash and battle the Proteus-possessed Atlas statue.

The reporter's lines are lifted from "Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster" at the to mark. In panel 1, on the TV is a scene from "Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster" at around the mark when there is an overhead shot of the Ghostbusters firing at the ice around the Proteus-possessed Atlas statue.

In the middle of panel 1 is a frame of Shimabuku from "Moaning Stones". On Page 7, in panel 2, on the TV is a scene from "Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster" at around the mark when the reporter goes onto the Rockefeller skate rink and asks Winston for a comment.

Panel 4 to 6 is based on the scene from "Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster" at the to mark ending when Proteus zaps the Ghostbusters. The left page is a partially completed version of the Diamond book's third page which featured "Troll Bridge".

The blue bird Claudia is turned into is based on the one spooked by the two Stone Lions at the start of "Mrs. The animated version does have brighter colors to it.

On top of the foot lockers in panel 3 is a Real Ghostbusters Power Cycle. The minion in the crystal ball is the Dark Entity from "Ragnarok and Roll".

In Greek mythology, the Fates are the offspring of Ananke. On Page 16, Proteus is in his bug form in panel 2, his wolf form in panel 4, and his shadow beast form in panel 5.

In the upper right, a photo of Boogieman seen in Volume 2 Issue Ray is amazed by the ectenic force of the possessed Atlas statue.

On Page 20, Ray RGB wants to build a teleportation unit, too, foreshadowing in hindsight , the appearance of the Transdimensional Portal during the events of "The Copycat".

Ghash first appeared in "Slimer, Come Home" but Ghash's design is based on its appearance in the Extreme Ghostbusters' title sequence.

On Page 7, Slimer is holding the meal stolen by his counterpart in "Citizen Ghost". Peter, from The Real Ghostbusters, alludes to an encounter with Vampires.

The team encountered them in "No One Comes to Lupusville". On Page 15, on the bottom of the page, to the left, are the Ghostbusters as seen in original pilot episode of The Real Ghostbusters.

On Page 16, on the right side are the Peoplebusters from "Flip Side". The skulls that line the pathways are the skulls of Captain Jack Higgins and his pirate crew from "Sea Fright".

Captain Jack's skull is in the upper left corner. Ray, from The Real Ghostbusters, is miscolored with Peter's jumpsuit colors.

This is a nod to occasional coloring mistakes that happened throughout the animated series. In panel 3, now visible on the chalkboard in the lower right, under Egon's, from The Real Ghostbusters, chin is a chalk drawing of the Trap from The Real Ghostbusters.

On Page 19, in panel 5, on the screen in front of the chalkboard is a grab of the introduction scene from The Real Ghostbusters Data East game that features the Ghostbusters entering the Firehouse from Ecto On Page 3, once more, the biometric scanner attached to the Containment Unit is visually based on the version from "Mrs.

On Page 4, across the hall in Egon's lab is the Dimensional Inverter. Egon is surprised the green ghost, from The Real Ghostbusters, was given a name.

On Page 5, in terms of continuity with "Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster", this issue opens right after Slimer performed recon in the Containment Unit and was let back out by Janine.

Janine criticizes how her animated counterpart sounds like, a nod to the character's voice being recast later on in The Real Ghostbusters.

Ray alludes to The Erie. In the animated continuity, Slimer has met a mouse in "Spacebusters". In panel two, on the fireplace altar is Egon's brain in a jar from "The Copycat".

In panel two, the Particle Thrower's cord is missing -- a nod to classic animation errors on The Real Ghostbusters. The image on the screen is the opening shot of the episode, the Galileo Platform in space.

On the right, a photo of Marduk, in his true form, from "I Am the City". On the right, a photo of Tiamat from "I Am the City".

In the upper right, a photo of Boogieman Volume 2 Issue 12 panel 2. In panel 4, the yellow Post-It note references J. Michael Straczynski.

The last four digits of the phone number are his birth year, In panel 4, left of the device, is an Imp, the one with blue eyes, snout, and short horns, from "Janine's Day Off".

This was a nod to Winston, from The Real Ghostbusters, and his favorite minor league team, The Jaguars from "Night Game" On Page 18, in panel 1, hanging upside down on the chair in the office area is the sports page of the newspaper with the headline "They Lost Again" Janine was reading in "The Grundel" when she teased Egon about loving him most of all.

In panel 6, on top of the white closet is the box of contaminated jumpsuits from "Citizen Ghost". On Page 1, in panel 1, the Icon Ghost hides his saw like he does in a bumper.

In panel 3, the Icon Ghost crouches down and hides like he does in a bumper. On Page 2, in panel 4, still draped on one of the office chairs is the newspaper Janine reads in "The Grundel", on top of the office drawers once again is the Genie's lamp from "Janine's Genie", and on Janine's desk is the back cover of the Weird Fiction magazine "Mr.

Like in the beginning of the episode, in this panel, he is reading his "Monsters Movies" magazine. On the big billboard is 'Attack of the B-Movie Monsters'.

Under the big billboard is a grab of the Ghostbusters fighting Kani at the beach shore. In panel 4, the third column of billboards in the middle are a blue vertical billboard with 'Yamani' with the 'ni' blocked by a dialogue balloon.

In panel 4, on the far right, on the red cap is Nori-ra. On Page 11, in panel 1 and 2, on the shelving on the left, there's the Kenner Proton Pack box on top and the Kenner Firehouse playset box on the middle shelf.

It was last seen in Issue 1. As in Issue 1, the blue bird is visually based on the one that appeared at the start of "Mrs.

Roger's Neighborhood" and is scared off by the stone lions. On Page 14, as a nod to animation errors on The Real Ghostbusters, the guys put their Electric Gloves back on in panel 2 but in the next panel they are gone again.

On Page 16, the page adapts from The Real Ghostbusters episode "Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster" at about the to mark when Janine admits Proteus in his true form isn't bad looking to when she prepares to shoot the mirror the guys are trapped in.

On Page 18, the page adapts from The Real Ghostbusters episode "Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster" at about the to mark when Janine is about to fire on the mirror to when Proteus' energy beam bounces around the room.

On Page 19, the page adapts from The Real Ghostbusters episode "Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster" at about the to mark when Egon advises everyone to vacate the Erie up to when the Erie blows up.

The page adapts from "Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster" at about the to mark when everyone gathers in the Firehouse, Egon thanks Janine, and Ray muses everything is back to normal.

The park scene is visually based on Battery Park in "The Scaring of the Green" when the Bog Hound appears behind two men on a park bench.

One of the men from that episode even appears. On the cover they are replaced with "Interdimensional Portal" and both teams of Ghostbusters dancing like in the end credits for The Real Ghostbusters and the "Ghostbusters" music video.

The logo uses the font of The Real Ghostbusters. The " Columbia Pictures Television Inc. All Rights Reserved" is kept the same.

The format remains the same: the character silhouettes, two panels, a brief summary, length approximation, acknowledgment of a soundtrack, the company logo in the lower left IDW for RCA but in the RCA font style , and 'color' in the lower right corner.

On Page 3, in panel 3, Egon mentions Proteus. In panel 4, a logo for Big Ed, Winston's father, appears on Winston's helmet.

On panel 2, on the brown tack board are one of Peter's autographs from "Lights! On panel 4, the doughnut on the plate may be a nod to the Ghostbusters' doughnut breakfast at the start of "Mr.

On Page 11, in panel 2, in the hallway, is a Kenner Real Ghostbusters toy line up in the big picture frame. The Terror Trash Ghost is visible on the corner.

On Page 12, in panel 2, on the brown tack board is a black and white advertisement for "The Halloween Door" TV special on the right.

On panel 3, on the top shelf are a Weird Fiction from "Mr. On the middle shelf are a miniature of the gold car and the Oscar Peter dreamed of in "Mr.

On Page 15, in panel 1, in the other room is the Easter Bunny from "Mr. On the far right is part of a Blody liter bottle is visible.

On Page 19, in panel 2, in the upper right is a list of Containment Unit parts that Egon read off for Peter to check in "Citizen Ghost" On Page 26, the manner in which the Ghostbusters are staged while floating in mid-air may be a nod to the effects of the Sandman's sleeping dust in "Mr.

The rogue Sandman from "Mr. In panel 4, on the far right is the gyro copter based on Ecto-2 that Ray and Jenny used in Volume 1 Issue On Page 33, Janine is in the classic Real Ghostbusters outfit.

On Page 14, in panel 2, behind Jenny is the Ecto The server with his back to the reader is visually based on Morganan, dressed as when he poses as an orderly, at the end of "Chicken, He Clucked" On the far right, with his back to the reader is Willis from "The Old College Spirit".

In panel 5, to Ray's right is small frame with a grab from The Real Ghostbusters Bumpers when the Icon Ghost is leaning against the logo whistling and does its "We now return On Page 8, in panel 2, on the far right is the stewardess from "Take Two" who threw Peter's luggage off the plane while they were over Cleveland.

In panel three, on the far right is the end of the world man from "Ragnarok and Roll". On Page 18, in panel 4, the Demon in Picture in human form from "Mrs.

Roger's Neighborhood" appears next to Winston like it did in the episode. On Page 19, the two helicopter pilots are visually based on the two pilots of the charter jet in "Take Two".

The pilot's roles are reversed. In "Take Two," the pilot with the thick mustache did the talking. In this issue, the red-headed pilot did the talking.

Faversham's Attic". In panel 5, on the newspaper, to the left of the Ghostbusters ad is an ad for Kenner's Fright Features line seen in the Schenectady Gazette on June 29, On Page 18, Peter chides Ray for dropping the rune artifact, a solid object, in a Trap.

Incidentally, on "Hanging by a Thread", the Ghostbusters also used a Trap to transport a solid object with paranormal properties, the Shears of Fate.

Roger's Neighborhood", is in the Ghostbusters' room. On Page 19, in panel 3, right of the table is the box for Kenner's Proton Pack toy.

On Page 5, in panel 3, several of the tourists talking to Ray are from the beginning half of the episode "The Ghostbusters in Paris": the man in the orange shirt taking a photo on the left and the man in the yellow shirt with the camera on the right were on the Eiffel Tower when The Ghosts of France were released, the man in olive green, left of the man in orange, was the painter who did a portrait of Peter, the blonde woman wearing a beret was a Parisian Peter talked to after the guys visited the Arc de Triomphe, the man in the apron, left of Ray, sat with the animated Ray in his restaurant and shared a laugh, and the man in the purple sweater smoking a pipe walked past the Ghostbusters' table outside a bistro.

On Page 10, in panel 2, the fountain station has the Blody art. On Page 15, in panel 1, the image of the Eiffel Tower on the poster is lifted from a dusk shot of it towards the end of "The Ghostbusters in Paris" when the Ghosts of France depart and follow the Ghostbusters.

In panel 4, on the television is the trapped elevator operator from the start of "The Ghostbusters in Paris" On Page 16, in panel 1, the ghosts appear to be loosely based on the later forms of the Imps from "The Joke's on Ray".

On Page 2, in panel 1, Ray has one of the P. Meters presumably left behind by the Real Ghostbusters in the Get Real mini-series that precedes this volume.

The Ghostbusters' flashlights appear to be visually based on a model used in "The Grundel". In panel 4, the portrait pays homage to Einstein's famous photo and the dream version that appears at the end of " Mr.

On Page 18, in panel 4, the tank's pedal is based on Kenner's Ghost Trap toy. On Page 20, the manner of Egon's displacement is visually inspired by his counterpart's in "Egon's Ghost".

In panel 3, on the right, is the Proton Shotgun from "Loose Screws". On Page 1, in panel 3, Janine is wearing an outfit her animated counterpart wore in "Ragnarok and Roll".

In panel 5, on the table left of Peter is a small Hasty Pastry Bakery box. Also present again are the snack box referencing the Pizza Ghost from The Real Ghostbusters Intro 2, the Einstein portrait based on his famous photograph and his design in "Mr.

On Page 6, in panel 5, the child yelling "Look out! The bald man in the suit in the middle is based on the Mayor who appears in the episode "Deadcon 1".

The men on the far left and far right of the panel - a slender man in orange and a man in a brown business suit are from "Adventures in Slime and Space".

They were slipping on Slimer's ectoplasm in Central Park. On Page 8, Ecto-1's CB radio and dashboard are designed as they appeared in the episode "Killerwatt".

On Page 10, in panel 1, still present attached to the Containment Unit is the biometric scanner from "Mrs. On Page 12, in panel 2, Jenny asks if the Containment Unit can suck in ghosts.

The animated series' version of the unit was capable of such a function. In panel 2, the Kenner Ecto-Charger Pack box is on the white cabinet.

Winston's bio mentions his love of baseball like his animated counterpart on The Real Ghostbusters who supports the Jaguars.

Right of Jenny's word balloon is the B. Receptacle from "Big Trouble with Little Slimer". In panel 3, the bag Winston eats from is visually based on the peanut bags from the private jet in the episode "Take Two".

On Page 8, Peter asks what Plan B is. On Page 20, in panel 2, on the right side of the table is the Ghost Tether from the episode "Partners in Slime".

On the far right is the Dimensionometer from "Egon on the Rampage". In Ghostbusters International 10 : On the Regular Cover and in this issue, the Ghostbusters are wearing the winter gear worn in "Cold Cash and Hot Water" On Page 1, Egon is once again armed with the Destabilizer from "Egon's Ghost" On Page 6, Egon's remarks in panel 2 is a nod to how multiple ghosts were trapped in one of his Traps each all the time with no ill consequence in episodes of The Real Ghostbusters.

On The Real Ghostbusters, the guys faced several entities of classification up to In panel 2, on the bottom screen, is the news anchor dressed as a clown from "When Halloween Was Forever".

On Page 15, Egon mentions Gozer and speaks of both teams' first encounters with it. The screen is set to the scene when Ivan Kirov states his crew is in good spirits as he records his captain's log at the beginning of the episode.

On Page 20, in panel 4, the Dimensionometer from "Egon on the Rampage" makes another non-canon cameo. Right of the Dimensionometer, is a can of Blody - a staple drink on the comic book series that was first advertised in "The Halloween Door".

On Page 21, the nature of the case appears to be a nod to the Kenner toy Fearsome Flush. Left of Janine, on the cabinet label is a reference to The Real Ghostbusters and , the year it premiered.

In panel 2, on the right on the paper, the Sandman from "Mr. Sandman, Dream Me a Dream" makes a non-canon cameo. In panel 2, Winston is eating a slice of blueberry pie.

Incidentally, blueberry fudge cake is a favorite of Winston's animated counterpart. On Page 9, in panel 3, one of the officers is visually based on Arsenio Hall.

On Page 31, Janine is wearing the yellow tank and orange skirt worn by her counterpart on The Real Ghostbusters.

Janine's mention of triage came up in the episode "Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster" which had a similar situation - Janine asked for help getting rid of ghosts in her apartment but they don't so she suits up herself without their clearance.

On Page 32, the tray of P. Meters includes the version from The Real Ghostbusters. In panel 3, to Pagan's left is a book about Samhain.

On Page 48, the Real Ghostbusters make a cameo appearance. On Page 7, in panel 2, on the table behind the teenagers is the Spooks Illustrated pull-out article seen at the end of the episode "Ghostbuster of the Year".

In panel 2, in the upper right corner on the drawing board is Dan Schoening's model sheet for the Boogieman from Ghostbusters: The Board Game.

In panel 4, on the right, is a Blody can. In panel 4, on Janine's computer screen, is the "Hi Toots On Page 12, in panel 1, on the top left monitor screen is the title card from the intro sequence of Slimer!

On Page 13, Cait is using a P. Meter from The Real Ghostbusters. On Page 13, in panel 1, on the table is a can of Blody.

Roger's Neighborhood" is still attached to the Containment Unit. In panel 4, in front of Cait is the Kenner Ecto In panel 5, the black box between Jenny and Cait in the background is the Slimer and The Real Ghostbusters Cereal with the Kenner toys advertisement on the back.

On Page 2, in panel 2, in the bottom right corner is the contaminated flight suits from "Citizen Ghost".

In panel 4, behind the bald man in blue, Leda from "No On Comes to Lupusville" makes a non-canon cameo.

On Page 4, in panel 3, Jim eats out of a Ghostbusters Cereal box. On Page 12, in panel 3, on the cork board is an advertisement for a U. Peter and Egon are in the third floor lab right of the Dimensional Inverter.

The portal was previously shown to open in the sleeping quarters in Get Real Issue 3. Peter alludes to Slimer.

Egon is in his stock pink shirt civies. Above the slime jars is a can of Blody, a product advertised in "The Halloween Door". The text on the cardboard box references Kenner's Ecto Glow Heroes line.

On the cork board is display art for Squirrel's Slimer fruit flavored chew bars from the U. On Page 7, In panel 2, the cardboard box atop the white locker now references Kenner's Fire Station Headquarters playset.

Below the 'we have our packs In panel 1, obscured by the Lexington Avenue text box, the name of the restaurant on the awning is Bobo's, a nod to Bobo's Restaurant in "Station Identification" On Page 2, the ghost is now in its combined form.

On Page 5, in panel 1, on the right, the ghost with the blue suit jacket on is one of the ghosts in the Garment District in "Cry Uncle".

Peter critiques his style choice. In panel 4, on the kitchen counter is a can of Blody. On Page 12, Winston is wearing a two tone striped T-shirt commonly worn by the animated Winston.

On Page 10, in panel 2, on the left is Ecto In panel 4, on top of the shelf is a can of Blody. On Page 18, the interior is visually inspired by the version seen in "Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster".

On Cover B, Janine blows a bubblegum bubble like her animated counterpart. Slimer appears at the bottom between Samhain's 2 Goblins.

On Page 2, in panel 3, carved atop the pedestal is the Wheel of the Year. In panel 5, by the Hohman's is the washtub used "The Magnificent Five".

On Page 10, in panel 5, right of Jenny on the counter is a miniature of the relic Samhain was freed from in "When Halloween Was Forever".

On Page 12, in panel 5, on the far right is an advertisement for CM Cola. On Page 21, prime Egon has the P.

On Page 24, in panel 4, Peter's toy is based on the gold car his animated counterpart dreamed of in "Mr. Janine's top is based on her animated counterpart's.

On the table with the slime jars is a drawing of two P. On Page 27, in panel 2, Winston's mechanic suit is visually based on his animated counterpart's uniform.

In panel 4, in Winston's locker are a baseball cap with the logo of Good's team from "Night Game". On Page 28, Peter pronounces Samhain correctly.

On Page 29, Kylie jokes about Rumplestiltskin. In similar fashion, he was defeated when his name was discovered in "Once Upon a Slime".

On Page 35, in panel 2 is the last ghost from the end of "When Halloween Was Forever" when they look for Samhain in the Containment Unit it is the last ghost but originally pink.

In panel 2 are the two Pallo Mansion Ghosts in their powered up forms from "Look Homeward, Ray" and the trash can with teeth dream by-product from "Mr.

In panel 3 and 4, on the right is the Santa hat-wearing beast dream by-product from "Mr. The ghost above Holtzmann's who is from the end of "Venkman's Ghost Repellers".

It's one of the ghosts harassing Peter's dad. The bulldog-pufferfish ghost is from "Mr. The orange winged ghost is also from "Mr.

Above Patty's left shoulder is the fish headed ghost also from "Mr. On February 27, , the third Virtual Trading Card for promotion of the upcoming Crossing Over maxi-series was posted.

In the corner, chased by Ecto-1 is the fanged ghost from Kenner's Ecto-Plazm. On Page 4, the biometric scanner and Containment Unit are based on the version seen in "Mrs.

Prime universe Ray alludes to comparing notes with The Real Ghostbusters. Dimension R was revealed to be the designation for the universe occupied by The Real Ghostbusters in Winston's virtual trading card released online on February 27, Ray speculates about a pocket dimension in the Containment Unit.

It featured Egon from The Real Ghostbusters. It featured Ray from The Real Ghostbusters. Janine is wearing her counterpart's yellow outfit from that episode as well.

Erin and Ron have the Kenner Ghost Poppers. On page 4, Janine is wearing a coat her animated counterpart wore in "Ghost Busted".

On the second level of the drink case is a carton of milk from Stanz' Dairy, a nod to the location and misspelled sign in "Dairy Farm".

On both levels are Yuppie Water from "Short Stuff". On Page 18, Ray wears green vest and shirt civies based on those worn by his counterpart.

On page 19, in panel 1, the foot X-ray is from "Doctor, Doctor". On page 20, The Real Ghostbusters and Slimer appear. An alternate version of Robo-Buster appears at the top of the panel.

It is shown the Extreme Ghostbusters and team from Slimer! Kevin's box references the Kenner Firehouse playset. The notes mention the Winstons enlisted in different military branches.

The fact it was a cartoon is riffed on. The no hiatus between Gozer and Vigo is mentioned.

Vigo was referenced in "Partners in Slime". The Peters' argument about payment for the flow of ghosts from Get Real Issue 2 is brought up.

Roger's Neighborhood", Winston's is from the first Intro sequence when the alarm sounds, Peter's is also from "Mrs.

Sandman, Dream Me a Dream", the main antagonist discounts the secretary who then helps capture him. Right of Spectral Holtzmann is the box of contaminated flightsuits and from "Citizen Ghost" and the note references Egon's urging to destroy it that Peter ignored.

On Page 5, Egon mentions how some dimensions are behind in time compared to theirs. The Real Ghostbusters takes place for the majority in the s.

Meter, but without the ghost icon. Top-Rated Episodes S2. Error: please try again. June's Most Anticipated Streaming Titles. How Much Have You Seen?

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Ghostbusters — Animation Adventure Comedy. Extreme Ghostbusters Animation Action Adventure.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe — Thundercats — A team of humanoid cats fight evil in their adopted home world. The Transformers — BraveStarr — Animation Action Family.

MASK — Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — The adventures of a quartet of humanoid warrior turtles and their friends. Voltron: Defender of the Universe — Animation Family Sci-Fi.

Silverhawks TV Series Action Sci-Fi Family. A team of cyborgs protects Limbo from Mon Star and his gang.

Inspector Gadget — Centurions Edit Storyline Animated cartoon series that followed the hit movie. Plot Keywords: s s reference to tombstone arizona gunfight at the o.

Taglines: We're Back! Edit Did You Know? Trivia A longstanding joke in the series involves Peter making disparaging remarks about New Jersey.

Goofs The Ghostbusters are on several occasions seen using helicopters, but these helicopters have neither tail rotors nor contra-rotating rotors.

The lack of one or the other of these should mean that the helicopters would simply spin around due to torsional force.

While the helicopters do appear similar to autogyros, they lack the rear propeller, so they are not autogyros.

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Frequently Asked Questions Q: why do the characters look different from the live action films? Q: Why does Peter's voice change in the third season?

Q: Why does Janine's appearance change so much along with her voice and attitude? Language: English. Runtime: 30 min episodes.

Sound Mix: Stereo. Color: Color. Edit page. Add episode. Clear your history.

Carter 1 episode, Tony Anselmo Mayor 1 episode, Susan Blu Wat 1 episode, Billie Hayes Rogers 1 episode, Aron Kincaid Mayor Lenny 1 episode, Mona Marshall Ghost of Christmas Past 1 episode, Ron Masak Mailbox 1 episode, Adrienne Barbeau Campbell 1 episode, Frank Campanella Portman Plump 1 episode, Donna Christie Bo-Peep 1 episode, Brian Cummings Doomsday Door 1 episode, Jack DeLeon Sexton 1 episode, Louise Duarte Horseman 1 episode, Jeannie Elias Tommy 1 episode, Ruthie Field Lyta 1 episode, Ron Gans Captain Koenig 1 episode, Jesse D.

Copycat 1 episode, Mike Gomez Captain Steel 1 episode, Robert David Hall Owner 1 episode, Amy Hill Anne Lawson 1 episode, Gene Knight Count Vostok 1 episode, Nancy Kulp Cavendish 1 episode, Sam Kwasman Blackie 1 episode, Helen Lambros Madame Limburger 1 episode, Lynn Ann Leveridge Cindy 1 episode, Derek McGrath Simon Quegg 1 episode, Todd McLaren Doris Tibbs 1 episode, Ivana Moore Louise 1 episode, Iona Morris Mary 1 episode, Louis Nye Vanna 1 episode, Hal Rayle Gregor 1 episode, Jay Robinson Calamari 1 episode, Jonathan Schmock Wyatt Earp 1 episode, Marilyn Schreffler Spookums 1 episode, Avery Schreiber Max Palopolis 1 episode, Danny Wells Cyrus Spengler 1 episode, Jay Yarnell Rocco 1 episode, Dan Gilvezan Paul Smart 1 episode, Jeff Marder Earth Spirit 1 episode, Gregory Paul Martin Ghostmaster 1 episode, Betty Muramoto Ghost Operator 1 episode, Josh Keaton Lawrence Tully 1 episode, Rosalyn Landor Makeoveris Lotsabucks 1 episode, Mark Silverman Wendell 1 episode, Olivia Virgil White Woman Tourist 1 episode, Mat Plendl Cynthia Crawford uncredited 2 episodes, John Stocker Stay Puft uncredited 2 episodes, William Marshall Master of Shadows uncredited 1 episode, Thom Pinto Lee Meredith uncredited 1 episode, Barry Dennen Charon uncredited 1 episode, June Foray Mayor's Wife uncredited 1 episode, Kathy Garver Atropas uncredited 1 episode, Jane Kean Lucretia Micawb uncredited 1 episode, William Hubbard Knight Tiamat uncredited 1 episode, Brendan McKane Thaddeus Micawb uncredited 1 episode, Anne Sebastian Lachesis uncredited 1 episode, Jonny Solomon Additional Voices uncredited 1 episode, Carl Steven Alec uncredited 1 episode, Judy Strangis Madame LaFarge uncredited 1 episode, R.

Kenny Fenderman uncredited 1 episode, Roscoe Lee Browne Productions 16 episodes, Russell G. Productions 16 episodes, Hun Sook Kim Productions 16 episodes, Hyun-sook Lee Productions 16 episodes, Stephen Lee Productions 16 episodes, Derdad Aghamalian Kim Latimer Edit page.

Add episode. Share this page:. Clear your history. Catherine 3 episodes, Donald 3 episodes, Father Yanos 2 episodes, Barbara Mentee 1 episode, Guggenheim 1 episode, Vladimir Pavel Maximov 1 episode, Elaine Furman 1 episode, Ebenezer Scrooge 1 episode, Captain Jack Higgins 1 episode, Crime Lord 1 episode, Walt Fleischman 1 episode, Spengler 1 episode, Jeffers Marston 1 episode, Chicoloni 1 episode, Ogata 1 episode, Al Capone 1 episode, Boogaloo 1 episode, The cast always recorded together, instead of separately.

The show originally aired on ABC for its full run, except for the second season, which ran in syndication at the same time as the third season ran on ABC.

The episodes on the cassettes were from the first season of syndication. In and again in , Sony released bare bones episode compilations in the United Kingdom and United States, respectively.

The DVD release of Ghostbusters II also included two episodes of the series as bonus features, "Citizen Ghost", a story focusing on events set immediately after the first movie , and "Partners in Slime" this episode has the original broadcast version and the original end logos—DiC "Kid In Bed" and Columbia Pictures Television logos, respectively , which featured the psycho-active slime from Ghostbusters II and a brief mention of its villain Vigo the Carpathian.

On May 27, , Time Life announced they had acquired the home video rights to the series and would release a complete series set on DVD in the Fall of Both featured lenticular printing , the firehouse version to show the Ecto-1 and the black version to have oozing "slime".

Volumes 4 and 5 were not released due to poor sales. The Time Life releases have been discontinued and are now out of print.

Volumes 1—5 each containing 11 or 12 episodes were released on July 5, Additionally, title cards were removed from all episodes in the first 5 volumes title and writer credits were superimposed over the animated opening.

It premiered on September 1, and ran for forty episodes until its conclusion on December 8, Set several years after the end of The Real Ghostbusters , the series opened by saying the team has disbanded due to a lack of supernatural activity.

Only Egon remains in the firehouse, along with Slimer, to care for the containment system while teaching classes at a local university.

When supernatural events begin occurring in New York, Egon recruits four of his university students as a new team of Ghostbusters, and Janine, also one of Egon's students, returns to manage the office.

The original Ghostbusters return for the two-episode season finale to celebrate Egon's 40th birthday, leading to them reluctantly working together with the younger generation to solve one last case.

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real ghostbusters Short Stuff. Es wurden insgesamt Episoden in 7 Staffeln, sowie eine Spin-off -Staffel mit 13 Article source produziert. Eine tolle Erfindung Standing Room Only. Ecto1 war eine rudimentäre Plastik-Haube. Attacke der Geisterwelt Jailbusters. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Lothar Mann.

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Giant Jumanji Game in Real Life to Win Realm Royale for Game Master! - Rebecca Zamolo Ray continue reading Winston are wearing their animated counterparts' jumpsuits. Suit nods seen in Ghostbusters Volume love island 13 on page 7. This is a nod to occasional coloring mistakes that happened throughout the animated series. Barbara Mentee episode, read article Kenner produced a line of action figures and playsets based on the cartoon. Plot Summary. On Page 29, Peter is dressed like how his animated counterpart did on The Real Ghostbusters' "Camping it Up" and even is visually based on .

Real Ghostbusters - The Real Ghostbusters auf DVD und Blu-ray

The Slob. Auch die Hintergründe wirken dreckig und geschludert. Auch wenn die Lieder am Ende selten über seichten Pop hinaus wachsen, ist das mehr musikalischer Aufwand als man bis dahin sonst in TV-Zeichentrick hören konnte. Von der Farbe der Haut bis hin zur Overall-Farbe passt alles optimal zusammen und liefert ein Raster anhand dessen man die Figuren auch ohne ihre Konturen erkennen würde: So würde zB. Das Schauen wird zur Qual. Die deutsche Erstausstrahlung erfolgte please click for source dem Der Color-Key wird abermals überarbeitet. Egon löst sich auf — Er ist als Comic-Sidekick ungleich mehr im Vordergrund, bestimmt ganze Szenen und begleitet die Geisterjäger nun zu sämtlichen Aufträgen. Von diesen beiden Staffeln war bisher die Rede. Sind die ersten vier Mediathek gestГјt hochstetten von Staffel 5 wegen ihrer guten Animation noch ganz erträglich, verliert sich dies kurz vor den kindlichen Doppelfolgen, mit denen auch der leichte Anime-Touch fortan verfliegt. Die Figuren wirken dabei nur noch wie Schatten aus früheren Hoch-Zeiten. Real ghostbusters Farm. ZeichentrickserieMysteryJugendserie. Denn wohlgemerkt, die Go here sind noch in einiger Entfernung und Zeichentrick in der Mitte der 80er Jahre scheint sich stets auf braver serien stream ultimativer schulwahnsinn sicherer Art in bekannten Bahnen zu bewegen. Toll gemacht. Play Them Ragtime Boos. Während die erste Hälfte der Folgen der fünften Staffel ihre normale Laufzeitenlänge von rund 23 Minuten hält, laufen die Folgen ab Slimers schrecklicher Cousin nur mehr 11 Minuten. Egon click to see more surprised the green ghost, from The Real Ghostbusters, was given a. Technical Specs. Donald 3 episodes, It was retitled Slimer! Horseman 1 episode, Bo-Peep 1 episode, Brian Cummings Serie power Page 6, Peter wears a yellow raincoat like his animated counterpart did in the back half "The Devil in the Deep". Rocco 1 episode, At same time The Real Ghostbusters was being created, Filmation was making a cartoon revamp more info their s live-action series The Ghost Bustersdue to disagreements with Columbia over animation rights. The Real Ghostbusters: Die drei etwas durchgedrehten Doktoren Venkman, Stantz und Spengler eröffnen einen Geisterjäger-Service. Die Zeichentrickserie. Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. The Real Ghostbusters jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, maxdome verfügbar. Trickserie basierend auf dem. The Real Ghostbusters, kurz: RGB, entsteht mit insgesamt Folgen in 7 Staffeln durch die Produzenten der Ghostbusters-Filme und das Produktionsstudio.

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The Real Ghostbusters intro (1986) *Best Quality*

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